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World's Largest and Japan's First !
Triple-Decker Sky Merry-Go-Round

World's Largest and Japan's First !
Triple-Decker Sky Merry-Go-Round

A popular spot in the world's largest ""Kingdom of Lights"."
A journey in the air overlooking European cityscape. 
Have a fun with someone special!

Close to D-6 Attraction Town Fantasy Forest

Check 1

Only Huis Ten Bosch in Japan! A 3-story Carousel with a height of 15m. You can enjoy a walk in the sky day or night from your favorite floor!

Check 2

You can enjoy a nostalgic world inspired by mythology with beautiful Italian-made carriages and gondolas that look like works of art!

Check 3

At night, it is lit up and shines fantastically, creating a scene that makes you feel like you've wandered into a picture book!

You can enjoy a different view during the day than at night!

The daytime Carousel is a European townscape, canal, etc.
You can enjoy an exotic scenery that can only be enjoyed during the day.

usage limit

・People with heart disease, high or low blood pressure, pregnant women, and those who have consumed alcohol are not permitted
・Those under the age of 4 or under 105 cm must be accompanied by a guardian
・We will stop when the wind speed is 10m/s or more and when it snows.
・For wheelchair guests, only those who can walk independently and those who can climb up and down the 10-odd stairs on each floor with the help of a companion can participate.