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Huis Ten Bosch
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About the area


Huis Ten Bosch has a "theme park zone" where you can enjoy Attractions and entertainment,
There are two zones of "Harbor Zone" where you can explore the port towns of Europe without a passport.
There are 9 areas in it.

Theme park zone

Flower Road

including spring tulips
Seasonal flowers welcome you

Adventure Park

You can play to your heart's content in the great outdoors
full of athletics

Attraction Town

Exciting Attractions and
Full of amusement

Art Garden

A garden full of greenery and flowers,
At night, it is wrapped in shining illuminations

Fantasia City of Lights

using cutting-edge technology
We have prepared impressive spaces with 6 themes.

Amsterdam City

seasonal flowers and music
The center of town where you can enjoy shopping

Tower City

At the foot of the symbol tower
A collection of various gourmet foods

Harbor zone

Harbor Town

Overlooking the harbor, outdoors in summer
Enjoy shows and fireworks

Palace Huis Ten Bosch

A faithful recreation of a Dutch palace,
There are also temporary exhibitions in the museum.

Official Hotels


Additionally, the park has five Official Hotels.
Take a walk in the park early in the morning or enjoy the glittering city until late at night.
Please enjoy the "dreamy different world" to your heart's content.

* Henn Na Hotel Ten Huis Ten Bosch has been completely renewed as "Hotel Rotterdam" on October 26, 2023.
Additionally, on the same day, Watermark Hotel Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch changed its name to "Hotel Den Haag."

Guide map


You can download information on facilities, restaurants, Shop, recommended events, gourmet goods, etc. in PDF.