The 7 best attractions that are very popular with amusements 
that make full use of the latest technology and families who want to move their bodies 
to the fullest and enjoy themselves!

Playground Fantasia

Light Fantasia City F-1

アミューズメント 屋内 利用制限あり

Digital x Athletic
A new type of Attractions!

Introducing next-generation athletics that you can enjoy playing with light!
Let's jump and run with the whole family and aim to clear the game!

There are various levels of difficulty, so you'll want to try again and again!

The net area above is also tall and thrilling!

Dinosaur Woods

Adventure Park C-2

ウォークスルー 屋外 利用制限あり


A mysterious organization targeting the DNA of dinosaurs has attacked the laboratory that succeeded in reviving dinosaurs!
Attractions a escape success rate of 1%.
In time limit and join forces with your family to escape!

It's a little more, but I can't escape easily!

I want to challenge as many times as I want!

Sky Rail Coaster ~ Windstorm ~

Adventure Park C-6

Activities with outdoor usage restrictions

Japan's first! 1-seater
Coaster Attraction


Elementary school children also enjoyed themselves without being afraid!

I was surprised that it was higher than I imagined! It suddenly became faster and I was thrilled and enjoyed.

VR World

Attraction Town D-2

ライド 屋内

Immersive experience here!

First in western Japan! "Torrent rafting" where you can enjoy a river descent experience in VR and "Ultra reverse bungee" which flies to space.
Enjoy two thrilling experiences far beyond your imagination!

Let's scream involuntarily with a thrilling score!

It was splashed  and super real!

Jurassic Island

Harbor Town I-15

シューティング 屋外 利用制限あり


冒険の舞台は“未開の無人島”! 財宝を探しに島へと向かうと、そこには恐竜の姿が!

I was surprised at the real uninhabited island!

When the family competed for points, it was exciting and interesting!

Bouncy Land

Adventure Park C-5

Activities with outdoor usage restrictions

Very popular with children!
A large collection of fluffy playsets!

Fly with lots of fluffy playsets! Bounce! Sliding!
Let's move your body and play!

I felt that people of all ages, from children to adults, could enjoy it.

It was interesting to have various fluffy playsets. I will come again!

The kids slider was really nice.

Rental Cycle Fiets

Welcome area A-4

乗り物 屋外

You can ride with your family
Unique bicycle

There are many rare bicycles such as 4-seater bicycles that can be enjoyed by the family. Let's go around the venue while feeling the comfortable breeze!

There is also a small seat for children, which the whole family enjoyed.

The first 4-seater bicycle, it's fresh and fun to ride together!

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