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Attractions with the latest technology and Japan's first facility, the best seven attractions everyone can enjoy! 

Mission Deepsea Xsense Ride

Attraction Town D-1

Ride indoor use restrictions

A new type of thrilling Attractions where you take on a life-or-death rescue mission that unfolds in the deep sea!

Boarding the latest exploration vessel "Areion," which allows for diving into the unknown depths of the ocean, they set off to rescue the exploration vessel "Orion," which has gone missing at a depth of 13,000 meters...

It was so tense and immersive that it felt like I was in the world of a movie!

The mission leader was so cool and I was drawn into the world!

Horizon Adventure

Attraction Town D-4

indoor theater

800 tons of water begins to rampage in front of you!

The water attraction that have attracted 20 million people has been upgraded! An overwhelming amount of water rages in front of you! Unprecedented surprises is awaiting!

Surprised by the amount of water beyond imagination! The vibration of the seat was amazing and the sense of realism was amazing anyway!

No matter how many times you experience it, you will unintentionally raise your voice because it is full of thrills.

Sky Carousel

Attraction Town Fantasy Forest Mae D-6

Limited outdoor use

The world's largest!
Japan's first three-story merry-go-round

This is the only 3-story merry-go-round in Japan with a height of 15m! Enjoy an air trip overlooking the streets of Europe!

It lit at night and creat very magical view!It is also instagrammable spot!

Italian-made carriages and gondolas are nostalgic and very pretty!

Jurassic Island

Harbor Town I-15

Shooting outdoor use restrictions

On a real uninhabited island
AR battle with dinosaurs!

The stage of the adventure is "Uninhabited Island"! You will meet dinosaurs while heading to the treasure hunt!
Can you find the treasure and escape from the island safely?

I was surprised by the real uninhabited island!

Competing with family members is fun and excited.  

Fantasy Forest

Attraction Town D-6

Activities can be booked indoors

Indoor athletics for kids!

Explore the Giant Tree's Secret Base or bouncing on the stepping stones!
There is also an area where even babies can spend time!

I felt like I became a kid and it was fun!

I am happy with the facility where babies can play.

My kids had a fun there, and because its an indoor facility, I had no worry about weather and outside temperature. 

Sky Rail Coaster ~ Windstorm ~

Adventure Park C-6

Activities with outdoor usage restrictions

Japan's first! Single Seat
Coaster Attraction

Japan's largest single-seat coaster attraction with a length of 250m and a height of 11m is now open!
Experience the thrill of running through the woods while swaying up, down, left and right!

Elementary school childrencould  enjoy the ride without being scared!

I was surprised that it was higher than I imagined and  I was thrilled by rapid changes in acceleration. 

VR World

Attraction Town D-2

Ride indoors

Immersive experience here!

First in western Japan! "Torrent rafting" where you can enjoy a river descent experience in VR and "Ultra reverse bungee" which flies to space.
Enjoy two thrilling experiences far beyond your imagination!

I couldn't help screming! It was full of thrills!

I got wet, it was super real!