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Escape success rate 1%

Attractions escape success rate of less than 1%! Get clues in a limited time with your family to escape!

LocationAdventure Park See enlarged Map
Walkthroughoutdoorpassport target
  • I'm almost there! But why I can't escape!
  • I really want to try that again!​ ​​ ​

Japan's first! Single-seater
Roller Coaster Attractions

Japan's largest 250m long, 11m high single-seater coaster attraction is here! Try the thrill of running through the woods while swaying up, down, left and right!

LocationView the Park Map Adventure Park
Experienceoutdoorelementary school students and abovepassport target
  • Elementary school children were also enjoying themselves without being afraid!
  • I was surprised that it was higher than I imagined! It suddenly became faster and I was thrilled and enjoyed.

Glitter with light
Mysterious sea world

A colorful and fantastic deep-sea world where you can meet the beauty, brilliance, strength, and fragility of life. There are also mysterious spots that change in various ways when you touch them!

LocationView the Park Map Fantasia City of Light
  • There are many experience corners, so you can enjoy it forever!
  • There is no doubt that the photo will look great no matter where you take it!

On a real uninhabited island
AR battle with dinosaurs!

The stage of your adventure is at "Uninhabited Island". When you head to the island for the treasure, you will see dinosaurs everywhere! Can you get the treasures from the island and return to the homeland safely?

LocationView the Park Map Harbor Town
Elementary school students and aboveexperienceOutdooruse restrictionsapply Passport target
  • Yes, that was really an uninhabited island!
  • It was so much fun to compete with my family for the point!

Very popular with children!
A large collection of fluffy playground equipment!

Jump with lots of fluffy playground equipment! Bounce! Sliding! Let's move your body and play!

LocationView the Park Map Adventure Park
Experienceindoorpassport available
  • I felt that people of all ages, from children to adults, could enjoy it.
  • It was interesting to have various fluffy playground equipment. I will come again!
  • The kids slider was really nice.

Rental Cycle Fiets

You can ride with your family
Unique bicycle

There are many rare bicycles such as 4-seater bicycles that can be enjoyed by the family. Let's go around the venue while feeling the comfortable breeze!

LocationWelcome gate Park Map
Noteligible forvehicle outdoor passport
  • There is also a small seat for children, which the whole family enjoyed.
  • The first 4-seater bicycle, it's fresh and fun to ride together!
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