Fireworks special viewing seat

Sure to sell out!
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If you want to see the fireworks

panoramic view venue

Information on the bleachers

  • All seats reserved. Seats cannot be selected as they will be automatically assigned in the order of purchase.
  • A flat rate applies to all ages 4 and over. (Children under 3 can watch for free on their lap)
  • Please note that you cannot cancel or change after purchase.
  • Pets are not allowed to enter the venue or use umbrellas.
  • Use of a tripod other than the camera seat is limited to the height of your line of sight.
  • There is no smoking area at the panoramic view venue. There is a smoking area at the entrance on Huis Ten Bosch side, so please use that area.
  • Mass seats will not be sold this year
  • Tickets will be issued from 16:00 on Thursday, October 31st. Please pick up your fireworks viewing ticket at the designated convenience store and then come to the venue.
  • Due to maintenance, sales will be suspended from 9:00 to 16:00 on Thursday, October 31st.
  • The price shown is per person.
  • Tickets can only be purchased by credit card.
  • The photograph is an image.
  • Depending on seating arrangements, the number of remaining seats may change.






  • 花火前日(11/15)にホテルヨーロッパ、ホテルアムステルダム、フォレストヴィラにご宿泊のお客様は翌日1DAYパスポートがついておりますので、

Completely reserved seats and do not take up space!
Fireworks special viewing seat ticket

Carefully enjoy the powerful fireworks
Recommended for those who want to see it!

P-SS Block (chair seats)
10,000 yen / seat
11,000 yen / seat
Purchase on the WEB
PS Block (Chair)
6,000 yen / seat
7,000 yen / seat
Purchase on the WEB
PA Block (chair seats)
3,000 yen / seat
4,000 yen / seat
Purchase on the WEB
P-Camera seats (chair seats)
15,000 yen/seat
16,000 yen/seat
    View layout
    *The space occupied by one person is 1.2m wide x 1.8m deep.
    *The camera seat is about 60cm high.
    *A fence will be installed around the camera seats.
Purchase on the WEB
P-VIP seats
50,000 yen/seat
60,000 yen/seat
  • ・ You can relax and view the firewoorks in the comfortable chair.
  • ・ Special lunch box and drink included
  • View the layout

*All images are for illustrative purposes only.


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