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Horizon Adventure

D-4 Attraction Town

Required time / about 15 minutes


The legend of the sea spirit "Ran" passed down in a certain town in 17th century Holland.

Children who are interested in the legend told by their grandfather that carelessly handling water causes a great flood, then mishandled water with mischief. Then that night...


800 tons of water

An overwhelming amount of water rages in front of you! Unprecedented surprises await you as you get caught up in a powerful flood.

Upgraded Sound and Light Effects!

Maximum Intensity!

Lightning and heavy rain coming and going with loud sound will surprise you!

Exciting Motion Seats!

The seats jolting back and forth with the movie scenes. Enjoy the powerful walter flow with your whole body.

Notes on viewing

Horizon Adventure is linked with the following special effects.
Please check the precautions and enjoy.

water splash




Voices of experienced guests

I was impressed by how powerful it was! The best scene was the Water Curtain that was like being under the waterfall! 

The performance of water, the sound, jolting seats, etc. all worked together to impress us!

I'm glad to know that there is a story of a lesson for children to care about water!

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