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Flower Fantasia

Light Fantasia City F-1

Walkthrough indoors

Enjoy with all five senses
Flower healing space

A secret research institute that makes light flowers, where you can meet your own flowers while experiencing various experiments.
Enjoy the immersive experience of feeling flowers with all five senses such as images, sounds, and scents!

You can enjoy not only the eyes but also the sounds and scents!

Lots of photo spots!

Detective Tenboss and the mysterious kingdom

Attraction Town D-12

Walk rally outdoors

Set in the entire Huis Ten Bosch
City walking type mystery solving game

Huis Ten Bosch, let's solve the mystery while finding clues hidden in the hall!
There are various difficulty levels, so everyone from beginners to puzzle-solving fans can enjoy it!

You can feel like a detective!

The sense of accomplishment when the mystery is solved while cooperating is irresistible!

Aquarium Fantasia

Light Fantasia City F-4

Amusement indoors

Glitter with light
Mysterious sea world

A colorful and fantastic deep-sea world where you can meet the beauty, brilliance, strength, and fragility of life.
There is also a mysterious spot where various lives are born when you touch it!

There are many experience corners, so you can enjoy it forever!

There is no doubt that the photo will look great no matter where you take it!

Sky Castle

Adventure Park C-3

Activities with outdoor usage restrictions

Japan's largest
Aerial adventure

A thrilling adventure that challenges various obstacles stretched up to 9m from the start to the goal!

I wanted to play with my body! was fun!

The staff gave me some advice, so I was able to reach the end.

I got stuck at the highest point and retired ... Thank you for helping the staff.

Shooting Star

Adventure Park C-3

Activities with outdoor usage restrictions

Fly in the sky of Huis Ten Bosch
Become a shooting star!

A zip line that slides down a total length of 300m from the top of the hill over the canal.
Enjoy a thrilling flight while feeling the refreshing breeze!

The staff will explain it carefully so you can enjoy it with confidence!

The feeling of exhilaration is irresistible!


Attraction Town D-3

Ride indoor use restrictions

The best, fastest and longest! The strongest VR roller coaster in the world

Absolutely impossible in the real world! Super high speed, super superb view, and unpredictable super development.
Enjoy the thrilling screaming experience!

The excitement when rising is irresistible!

It's super-realistic and makes you feel like you're really plunging!

White Ferris Wheel

Art Garden E-2

Ferris wheel indoors

In the daytime, the cityscape
Overlooking the night view at night

A pure white Ferris wheel with the image of happy white.
At night, 70,000 LEDs are lit, and when you get on the train, you can get a panoramic view of Huis Ten Bosch

I was able to spend a time with only two people while gazing at the beautiful scenery.

I'm glad I could take a picture with the beautiful night view in the background.

I'm thrilled when I come to the top.