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Thrilling !! Become a wind running through the forest!

Sky Rail Coaster ~ Windstorm ~

Numbered ticket distribution target
Eligible to Passport Holders
Experience the thrill
Enjoy nature
Enjoy with the family
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Adventure Park
Adventure Park C-6
Eligible to Passport Holders

A thrilling hanging rail coaster is born!

Rail coaster Attractions are now available in the nature-filled outdoor area Adventure Park.
Attraction that glides at a stretch from the starting point with a height of 11 m, shakes violently up, down, left and right, and runs through the forest approaching at a tremendous speed.

What's So Fun?!
Unexperienced thrills are here!

[Thrill 1] Start from the height of the 3rd floor of the building! Dive into the forest with courage!
[Thrill 2] Once you start sliding, you can't stop !! Can you slide on a 250m long course without closing your eyes?
[Thrill 3] The rails stretched in the forest are endless in all directions! Can you withstand the thrill of shaking up, down, left and right !?

Facility information
NameSky Rail Coaster ~ Windstorm ~
LocationAdventure Park
Time requiredAbout 10 minutes
PriceEligible to Passport Holders
RemarksTarget age: Elementary school students and above, under 65 years old
(When used by children under 12 years old, the consent form must be signed by a guardian (18 years old or older).)
Usage restrictions: Height 110 cm or more
: Weight less than 90kg (measured while using the facility)
* For your safety, you will be asked to wear a helmet, so please take off your hat.
* Not available to the following guests
・ If you have any concerns about your physical or health (especially heart disease).
・ Those who are not comfortable to move [Shoes and trousers are available for free rental]
・ If you do not agree to the prior explanation or consent form.

* The service will be suspended in case of bad weather.
* Please note that the final reception time may change depending on the congestion situation.

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