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Get excited about Japan's largest fountain show.
A new world of water is born.
2024.4.27 Sat. OPEN


Synchronized with music and lights, Japan's largest Musical Fountain Show. 

Water Magic


The powerful fountain show during daytime give you a special view, 
unique to daytime

A fountain show that fills your field of view in the midst of a beautiful European cityscape will make  unforgettable memories of your vacation. 

Limited seasonal collaboration unique to Huis Ten Bosch.

A beautiful combination of roses and fountains 

A collaboration that can only happen during the "One Million Rose Festival" (April 27th - May 26th). Its elegance is so impressive that you can't help but admire it.

Have a special time by looking up the fountain show from the pool. 

Watching the fountain show from the pool will blew off the summer heat!  On the fireworks day, the view will be even more spectacular. 

Water play area is set in front of a spectacular fountain show

Splash Field

A front row seat to a fountain show where you can feel the spray, sound, and flickering of lights. The area is for all ages and opens through the year. 

Chill-out and have quality time on your vacation. 

Garden Terrace

Sitting on the spacious terrace seats, gazing out at the fountain show and the European cityscape with your favourite drinks. Enjoy oversea resort experience.