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Mission Deepsea Xsense Ride

Challenge the desperate mission takes place in the deep sea. 

A new sensation and thrill-seeking attraction!

2024.3.29.fri OPEN


At a deep-sea exploration base hidden in the depths of the Maritime Museum, an emergency response meeting was just being held.
The topic of discussion is the search for the exploration vessel "Orion," which disappeared at a depth of 13,000 meters.
As the time limit approaches, you board the exploration vessel "Areon" undergoing test operation.
I will be heading to rescue Orion.

Enables diving into the unknown deep sea
Latest exploration boat “Arrayon”

With a reliable “mission leader”
Go on an exciting rescue mission!

Where you've arrived
What awaits...

Gorgeous voice actors adds depth and beauty to the story.


The cast, including Akio Otsuka, one of Japan's leading voice actors,
It provides a high level of entertainment as well as a realistic experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the deep sea world.


A master voice actor who continues to be active on the front lines

voice actor
Akio Otsuka

role of Stanley van Burton

“Lupin the Third” Daisuke Jigen, “ONE PIECE” Marshall D. Teach, etc.

Popularity and ability that attracts attention from the Japanese entertainment world

voice actor
Shunsuke Takeuchi

role of Phil Raynox

"Mobile Suit Gundam Cucurrus Doan's Island" Cucurrus Doan, "Tokyo Revengers" Makoto Suzuki, etc.

Total number of followers on SNS exceeds 2.6 million

Ella Freya

Nicola Clarke

Resident Evil RE:4 Ashley Graham face model

New attraction system produces an overwhelming sense of reality

Xsense Ride

A ride Attractions where you can experience an unknown (X) sense using cutting-edge technology.
The combination of screen, sound, and motion ride seat creates an overwhelming sense of reality.

The visual beauty, which has more than twice the contrast ratio of regular movie theaters, spreads out as if to cover your field of vision.

Eight types of special effects and intense 4D motion create a sense of realism.

The ultimate audio equipment of 7.2.4ch + 2.1ch was created just for this attraction.

Location: D-1 Attraction Town

【usage limit】

  • ・Preschool children must be accompanied by a chaperone.
  • ・Visitors whose height is less than  100cm  cannot ride.
  • ・Not available to pregnant or those under the influence of alcohol.
  • ・Visitors with symptoms that may worsen (motion sickness, dizziness, neck/back/lumbar/spinal disease, heart disease, blood pressure abnormalities, etc.) are not permitted to ride.
  • ・Vistors in wheelchairs will need to walk up and down stairs and change the seat on their own or with the assistance of a caretaker
  • ・In the case that  the host crew deems unsuitable, you will not be able to ride.


  • ・Please make a queue with all users. Please not to try to choose a representing person among your group. 
  • ・We will not be held responsible for any troubles between guests or for injuries caused by not following the instructions of the host crew.
  • ・To ensure safety, those who do not follow the instructions of the host crew may be asked to leave.
  • ・Last admission is subjected to change depending on crowdedness. 
  • ・Please refrain from eating, drinking, or smoking inside the facility.
  • ・Please refrain from taking photos inside the facility.
  • ・Please check with the local host crew regarding use with assistance dogs.
  • ・There are some scenes where you will get wet.

Reduce waiting time and
Enjoy Huis Ten Bosch to the fullest.

Premium Ticket

~Royal 6~

6 Attractions including Mission Deep Sea, restaurants, and priority access to shows and lounges! A ticket for the ultimate experience.

~Standard 3~

Priority access to 3 Attractions and restaurants including Mission Deep Sea! Tickets to enjoy the park wisely