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Huis Ten Bosch
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Huis Ten Bosch Opera Company

A theater company born in Huis Ten Bosch that delivers gorgeous and beautiful moving entertainment

Team Excite

Delivering a powerful seasonal show that fits in the townscape of Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch Tenko

An entertainment team that fascinates with powerful drum performances and ensemble using familiar items as musical instruments

Artists active in Huis Ten Bosch


A guitarist with outstanding taste and technique who delivers music of various genres such as POP, classical, and rock.


Maximum is a unit consisting of two male vocalists and a cajon player. With their overwhelming singing ability and harmonies, they sing a variety of songs such as ballad, pop, and rock on stage.


Unique Classico 
Enjoy the difference in a distinctive music that expresses emotions straight and a classical music.

European ensemble
Enjoy a cross-border collaboration between a Hungarian cellist and a Ukrainian pianist.

Entertainment show
Performer audition

For those who like to entertain people and those who want to appear in a show at a theme park.