Introduction of EV buses

Huis Ten Bosch has introduced BYD's EV bus, which has the world's leading cutting-edge technology, for the purpose of being environmentally friendly.
The EV buses introduced are the large EV bus K9, which is in operation around the world, and the small EV bus J6, which was first developed for the Japanese market. K9 has been in operation since February 2020 as a shuttle bus exclusively for hotel guests in the park, and J6 has been in operation as Park Bus that runs in the park since December 4th.

SDGs Huis Huis Ten Bosch Lecture

At Huis Ten Bosch, guests have a lot of hands-on learning content such as SDGs lectures that talk about SDGs initiatives that have been advanced since the opening, environmental equipment tours, English conversations in the park, etc. It is mainly used as learning content.

Food safety management system

At Huis Ten Bosch, we have adopted the HACCP system, which was institutionalized by the partial revision of the Food Sanitation Act, at the restaurants of the Park Hotel to manage hygiene. We are working to maintain and improve food sanitation management by conducting training and remaking the content of HACCP initiatives from external vendors.

Shopping bag
About charging

As part of our SDGs efforts, from April 1, 2022, Huis Ten Huis Ten Bosch will charge for shopping bags, which are provided free of charge mainly at product sales stores, in order to reduce plastic containers and packaging. We are working to protect the global environment by unifying the materials to biomass materials.

Hotel Initiatives

■ Eco cleaning

At the 5 Huis Ten Huis Ten Bosch hotels, we are implementing eco-cleaning with the cooperation of guests as a measure to save water, reduce CO2, and prevent global warming in consideration of the global environment.

■ Food loss reduction

At the buffet restaurant, we present a guide sign that says "Please cooperate with food loss." We are working to reduce food waste while cooperating with guests.

■Hotel Rotterdam Buildings D, E, and F
(Name changed from Henn Na Hotel Huis Ten Bosch from October 26, 2023)
Contributing to the promotion of local forestry

In order to reduce construction costs and contribute to the promotion of local forestry, we used Japan's first CLT construction method and used 100% natural local wood.

Utilization of renewable energy

Solar power generation equipment is installed in various places in the Huis Huis Ten Bosch hall, and the electricity used for the production is partly covered by the energy system.

Internal SDGs Penetration Project

Huis Ten Bosch 's initial concept was "coexistence of ecology and economy."
With "sustainable development", we want to present a wonderful culture and natural environment to children 1,000 years from now.
That is our unchanging wish at Huis Huis Ten Bosch.
In order to continue contributing to a sustainable society, we launched an internal SDGs project team on July 10, 2021.
We are also focusing on sharing our environmentally friendly efforts since the opening of Huis Ten Bosch and establishing a strengthening month to deepen our knowledge of the SDGs.