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Source: Brand Research Institute Co., Ltd. 4th Regional SDGs Survey 2022

As a result of our efforts since our founding, Huis Ten Huis Ten Bosch was ranked second in the sustainability contribution evaluation by local residents in the “4th Regional SDGs Survey 2022” conducted by Brand Research Institute Co., Ltd. in 2022. This survey was conducted to clarify residents' awareness of the SDGs and their willingness to work on them, the "favorability" of local companies with strong ties to the region, and the "contribution" to improving the sustainability of the region. I was.

UNWTO Sustainable Tourism Archive

It was featured as a case archive, centering on the efforts for "water" since the founding of Huis Ten Bosch.

Past awards, evaluations, etc.

At that time, Huis Ten Bosch was highly evaluated for its advanced environmental initiatives and received the following awards.

June 1995
Environment Agency "Water Environment Award"/Water Recycling System
July 1999
National Land Agency "Water Resource Achievement Award" / Efforts for effective use of water resources