December 01, 2022

Information on the end of the re-enrollment campaign

Period:03/31 (Fri)

The "Annual Pass Re-enrollment Campaign", which allows members who withdrew from March 2020 or later to join at the previous renewal fee, will end on March 31, 2023.
The campaign will be applied until the end of the period, so please take advantage of this opportunity.

*For those residing in Kyushu: If the expiration date is until March 2021, the basic fee will be applied (members whose expiration date has expired after April 2021 will be guided to the Kyushu residents only price)
* Those who withdrew by February 2020 are not eligible.
* Those who renew within one month after the original expiration date are not eligible.
* guests who do not have their current Annual Pass membership card at the time of reception will be charged a reissuance fee of 500 yen.
*If you are unsure of guests renewal period, please feel free to drop by the Annual Pass Membership Desk.