Hot stoned bath


Hot stoned bath, which consists of 10 beds each, has a women-only room, so anyone can use it with confidence.
The property has no time limit, so time and enjoy yourself. When the hydration, Hot stoned bath using the Accu Ella Blue, which is equipped in the transverse field, please use the high concentration of hydrogen water. You can enjoy high-concentration hydrogen water just by passing the water you prepared yourself through the machine. Eliminate waste products and keep your body healthy.

How to use

To use Hot stoned bath, you will need to wear your own clothes. You will receive it at the front desk, so be sure to pick it up when you pay the fee.

- Fee
一般 1,500 yen
* 1,350 yen for Huis Ten Bosch annual members, hotel users, and 1-day passport (same-day ticket) users