Reservations for private baths are made 5 days before the reservation date.

October 04, 2023


To make a reservation for a private bath (family private bath),

We accept phone calls from 5 days before the desired date of use (including the day).



There are busy times such as immediately after opening (16:00-17:00) and during busy time (18:00-22:00).

There are many cases where it is difficult to make a phone call.

Sorry to hear that trouble, your time contact us again later

Thank you for your cooperation.



Regarding the use family private bath during the winter season


All rooms of the hotel's family private bath are open-open-air bath. It is expected to be quite cold in winter, so please consider guests when using it with children.


In addition, the water temperature adjustment is managed collectively for all rooms, and we apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask our guests


Winter water temperature setting 42 ° C


(It is not a free-flowing hot water, but after storing hot water once, we will add hot water when the temperature drops.)


family private bath you think the use of any of guests, the top of your consideration the above points, thank you for your reservation. If you have any questions about the equipment, please feel free to contact us.


We look forward to welcoming you to the museum.


*For “Golden Hot Spring”, August 28, 2022

The "hydrogen bath" service ended on February 28, 2023.