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HOTEL STAYCharms of the hotel 


Ocean view from your room
I have a feeling that something extraordinary is about to begin.

Step into your elegant guest room and look out the window to see the magnificent view of Omura Bay.
Its breathtaking beauty makes you feel like you are about to enter a new, Step into the extraordinary.


Numerous Attractions await
Enjoy Huis Ten Bosch to the fullest

First, check out Attractions you want to visit and head out into town.
After spending a dream-like time on the Sky Carousel, Japan's first three-story merry-go-round, we also recommend the ride-based and digital Attractions.

Use Privilege coupons
Enjoy natural hot springs and saunas

After enjoying Attractions and shows to your heart's content, take a relaxing moment of relaxation at Huis Ten Bosch Onsen.
There is also a shuttle bus between the hotel and the facility, so please feel free to use it.


Unique to hotel restaurants
Dinner buffet full of specialties

Using seasonal ingredients from Nagasaki, which is blessed with rich nature,
A luxurious dinner buffet created by the skills and commitment of top-class chefs.
Not only can you enjoy both Japanese and Western food, but also Nagasaki specialties such as lemon steak.

Fireworks going off in front of your eyes
Enjoy in a private space

In addition to summer and New Year's Countdown, Huis Ten Bosch also hosts fireworks events throughout the year.
At Hotel Den Haag, all rooms facing the sea are special seats. The gorgeous fireworks that decorate the night sky fill your field of vision.

BREAKFAST breakfast

Enjoy at a seaside restaurant
luxurious breakfast

Breakfast is one of the great pleasures of staying at a hotel.
You can spend such a special moment Yuga at our ocean view restaurant.
Please enjoy menus using Nagasaki Wagyu beef, Nagasaki's local cuisine, and even a live kitchen by our chef.

GO HUIS TEN BOSCH Strolling around the grounds early in the morning
Privileges only for guests

Start your day with a great breakfast, then go for a walk around the Palace Huis Ten Bosch approach and Forest Villa.
As you walk through the fresh morning air and lush greenery, you can hear the chirping of birds.
It's also nice to walk along the beach or around the cityscape time there aren't many people around.

*Please enter the park through the Harbor Gate for advance admission, one hour before the park opens. Please note that Welcome Gate (Main Gate) doesnot open for advance admission.
*You need a valid admission ticket to go through the gate.  If you wish to enter the park but have not yet purchased or exchanged to the valid admission ticket, please contact the hotel front desk.