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Dignified Heart-Heartful Review- [Team Heart]
Lullaby of the sea ~ Melody playing love ~ / Show Happiness [Team Happiness]
Yubari no Tsuki-Aterui and More- [Team Flower]
Eternal Love ~ Heartful Review ~ [Team Heart]
That's Review Show ~ one more time ~ [Team Shine]
Dignified Heart-Eternal Love- [Team Heart]
That's Review Show ~ one more time ~ [Team Hikari]
Festa Sole ~ Sun, Wind and Love Samba ~ [Team Sho, Special Appearance Yuga]


Three Stars Christmas review "Christmas in love with Santa" [Team Sho]
Happy Halloween ♪ ~ Fly to the sky! True friendship ~ [Special team]
Dreaming Review VII Love-Eternal Spring- [Team Flower]
Festa Sole ~ Sun, Wind and Love Samba ~ [Team Sho]
Dramatic review "Chameleon PROJECT" [Team heart, special appearance Yuga]
Happy Ending Story ~ Two Weird Love Stories ~ [Team Hikari]


Shooting Star ~ New Year version ~ [Special Team]
Ancient Roman Review Yamato Takeru [Team Mind]
Tensho Keru Boots-Ryoma in Nagasaki- [Team Flower]
Yuga with WING With all my heart ... Merry Christmas [Team Sho]
Halloween in Love [Team Flower]
Mr. Agent-Spy dances on a moonlit night- [Team Sho]
Moon shadow across the sea [Team Hikari]
ARMONIA ~ A story of kindness ~ [Team heart]
Millennium Sakura Masa [Team Heart]
KINGS ~ Last Heart ~ [Team Heart]
THE REVUE Hanaka Koi ~ Hana Karen ~ [Team Flower]
Dreaming Man-From an Eternal Dream- [Team Hikari]
Love in love ~ From Carmen ~ [Team Flower]


ANGEL GATE [Team Hikari]
Millennium Sakura [Blue Rose]
HTB Revue Collection ~ Shining Dream Review ~ [Team Mind]
Catful Merry Halloween [Team Heart]
Hana Summer Festival [Team Flower]
GREEN FLASH ~ Sky dyed in the setting sun ~ [Team Light]
K.K7335 ~ Tears of Android ~ [Team Flower]


Eternal Dream ~ Seize the day ~ [Team Hikari]
MOBIUS-Koimu Gentsuki no Eternal Story [Team Heart]
LIE & TRUTH ~ Solitary Flower ~ [Team Flower]
KINGS ~ Full Moon Night ~ [Team Heart]
2nd !! Enchanted Exotica [Team Hikari]
BIG WAVE ~ Phoenix Pirates Beyond the Sea of Blue Poseidon ~ [Team Flower]
LOVE WITH BUTTERFLY ~ When the hydrangea blooms ~ [Team Hikari]


Dancing Heart ~ Setuna ni RED SPARK ~ [Team Flower]
Espacio Passion ~ Passionate Space ~ [Team Hikari]
MOVIN'ON! ~ With a little courage ~ [Team Hana]
Enchanted Exotica [Team Hikari]
Sa ・ ku ・ Ra team flowers


Magical Light ☆ Fantasy [Team Light]
Legendary Dream ~ The Beginning of Love ~ [Team Flower]
Blue blue wind ~ to the light ~
Flower concerto
Love Emotion