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For business purposes and sales calls to General Information Navi Dial,
We strongly refuse to do so as it will interfere with our guests service.
For commercial use, please contact us using the inquiry form above.

Huis Ten Bosch General Information Navi Dial


Follow the audio guide and press the desired number.
We will connect you to the desk in charge.

  • Inquiries regarding Opening Times, events, admission fees, etc. (9:00-17:00):
  • Inquiries about hotel reservations (9:00-17:00):

    • Reservation at Huis Ten Bosch Hotel: ❶
    • ホテルロッテルダムの宿泊予約:
  • Inquiries about lost and found items (9: 00-17: 00):
    * You can also contact us using the form. Click here for the form
  • Inquiries about Annual Pass members: ❺
  • If you ask again:
  • * We may record a call with guests for the purpose of confirming the content received from the guests