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Fishing Adventure Game

Numbered ticket distribution target
Eligible to Passport Holders
Rainy day OK
Usage restrictions
Small kids can also enjoy
Enjoy with the family
Enjoy with 3 generations
Enjoy with friends
Enjoy with your partner
Amsterdam City
Amsterdam City G-2
Eligible to Passport Holders

The world's largest big screen fishing game!

Giant fish swimming around on an overwhelmingly huge screen of about 520 inches (about 6.5m x 11.5m).
Enjoy a super-class fishing experience as if you were actually fishing with the "Sao-type controller" that trembles and makes the reel heavier than the real thing!

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Original goods on sale

4 types of Fishing Adventure Game original pass cases are on sale All 4 types: Price 800 yen

What's So Fun?!
Enjoy from adults to children! Exciting games!

Parents and children can also compete! Luck is one of the important factors, so everyone has a chance to be the best, and surprisingly they move their bodies so they can enjoy themselves.
There are 3 stages and you can catch about 60 kinds of fish, so it's fun just to watch the powerful fishing action!
You can also enjoy it together by fishing with small children. When you catch a big fish, you will surely smile and be happy!
Photographing is also OK! Please play with the memories of playing with parents and children !!

Facility information
NameFishing Adventure Game
LocationAmsterdam City
Time required7-10 minutes
PriceEligible to Passport Holders
RemarksNumbered tickets may be distributed during times of congestion.

You can use it for free from the second time onwards!
* Continuous play (continue) will be abolished so that guests
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

[About the epidemic prevention system]
Fishing Adventure Game will reopen the facility after taking sufficient epidemic prevention measures.
-The required ventilation volume from the air conditioning equipment meets the standards.
・ Ventilation by a circulator in the passage and disinfection every cycle.

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