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Count Chocolat's Mansion

Eligible to Passport Holders
Rainy day OK
Small kids can also enjoy
Enjoy with the family
Enjoy with friends
Enjoy with your partner
Attraction Town
Attraction Town D-10
Passport target * Some charges apply

A mysterious hall with full of chocolate 

A country in Europe ...
We invite you to the mysterious mansion of a strange count who made a fortune in cacao.

[What's Fun ?!]
Once step into the mansion, you will be surrounded by sweet scent.
At each booth associated with chocolate, you can see, touch, and taste a mysterious world view.

■ Enjoy a mysterious production with the latest AR technology chocolate monitor!

■ Magic faucet where the finest chocolate drink comes out! (Price with Count's special chocolate bar ¥ 500)

■ Osamu Watanabe, a leading expert in fake art, is exhibiting "Chocolate Castle and Townscape"!

Facility information
NameCount Chocolat's Mansion
LocationAttraction Town
Time requiredAbout 15 minutes
PricesPassport target * Some charges apply
Remarks[About the epidemic prevention system]
Count Chocolat's Mansion will resume operations after taking sufficient epidemic prevention measures.
-The required ventilation volume from the air conditioning equipment meets the standards.
・ Ventilation by regular opening of openable doors and disinfection after each use.
・ Operates with a capacity of 1/3.

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