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Facilities for numbered ticket distribution
Eligible to Passport Holders
Rainy day OK
Usage restrictions
Available for pregnant women
Enjoy with the family
Enjoy with 3 generations
Enjoy with friends
Enjoy with your partner
Harbor Town
Harbor Town
Eligible to Passport Holders

Full-scale airgun shooting experience

A very popular Attractions no doubt of excitement!
Please make the most memories today.
You can enjoy full-scale machine gun turbulence shooting and sniper rifle aiming.
Very popular! Introducing a new machine gun for children that can be used by children aged 10!
You can also take a photo in a textured pose with a gun
There are many full-scale model guns that shine!

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ご来館頂いた新入生・新社会人のお客様が対象です。 当館入口にてスタッフに「GOGOスナイパーのHP見たよ!」でマシンガ...


Happy Birthday! Campaign

ご来館頂いたお誕生日月のお客様が対象です。 入口にて当館スタッフに園内配布のBirthdayシールをご提示いただき「G...

Recommended here!
Enjoy the overwhelming exhilaration!

Feel free to experience shooting a full-scale model gun!
Are you choosing a machine gun with an exhilarating rate of fire?
A sniper rifle in the middle of a blow?
Please enjoy it with your friends and family!
It is a very popular gun shooting Attractions.

◆ 16 hand guns (10 years old and over)
◆ Approximately 130 machine guns (Limited to 18 years old and over)
◆ Approximately 170 machine guns for children (limit 10 to 17 years old)
◆ Approximately 10 rifle bullets (limit 18 years old and over)

Facility information
Name of facilityGO & GO !! SNIPER GAME
LocationHarbor Town
Park holiday
FeeEligible to Passport Holders
Remarksguests under the age of 10 are not allowed to use the facility or enter the facility in accordance with the law. In addition, there are some air guns exclusively for those over 18 years old. The facility can accommodate up to 8 people.
* Only available to those who have a passport.

[About the epidemic prevention system]
GO & GO !! SNIPER GAME will resume the operation of the facility after taking sufficient epidemic prevention measures.
We disinfect each model gun you use and ventilate and disinfect by opening the shooting lane window every cycle.

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