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Huis Ten Bosch's Symbol Tower


Eligible to Passport Holders
Rainy day OK
Small kids can also enjoy
Available for pregnant women
Wheelchair accessible
Enjoy with the family
Enjoy with 3 generations
Enjoy with friends
Enjoy with your partner
Tower City
Tower City
■ 5th floor observatory: passport target ■ 4th floor premium sky lounge: Premium Passport target

The symbol tower of Huis Ten Bosch a height of 105 m

It can be seen from anywhere in the venue and is also a guide for guests From the observation room on the 5th floor, which is 80 meters above the ground, you can get a panoramic view Huis Ten Bosch You can see the brilliant cityscape illuminated at night.
Huis Ten Bosch, which changes its expression depending on the time, from the observatory.
On the day of the fireworks, the observation room on the 5th floor and the premium sky lounge on the 4th floor will be reserved seats for fireworks viewing.
When using it, we recommend that you make a reservation in advance from the fireworks special site.

■ Introducing high-tech technology for earthquake countermeasures
Domtoren has been devised so that even customers who visit on a strong wind day can enjoy the view comfortably and with peace of mind. Japan's first "tuned mass damper vibration damping device" that makes full use of this high-tech technology is installed in the tower.
The device is designed to reduce the amplitude from one-half to one-third by moving an 8.5-ton weight, supported by multiple layers of rubber dampers, in a direction that counteracts the shaking of the tower. ..

Facility information
Name of facilityDomtoren
LocationTower City
Park holiday
Fee■ 5th floor observatory: passport target ■ 4th floor premium sky lounge: Premium Passport target
Remarks[Regulation on the number of people in the elevator]
The inside of the elevator will be guided by 6 people

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