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Available for pregnant women
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Tower City
Tower City H-1
■ 5th floor observatory: passport target ■ 4th floor premium sky lounge: Premium Passport target

The symbol tower of Huis Ten Bosch a height of 105 m

* You can see it from anywhere in the venue, and it is also a guide for guests. From the observation deck on the 5th floor, which is 80 meters above the ground, you can get a panoramic view of Huis Ten Bosch and the scenic Omura Bay. You can see the brilliant cityscape illuminated at night.
* Please enjoy Huis Ten Bosch, which changes its expression depending on the time, from the observation room.
* During the fireworks display time, the seats may be reserved for fireworks viewing and may be closed in the middle.
■ Introducing high-tech technology for earthquake countermeasures
Domtoren has been devised so that even customers who visit on a strong wind day can enjoy the view comfortably and with peace of mind. Japan's first "tuned mass damper vibration control device" that makes full use of this high-tech technology is installed in the tower.
The device is designed to reduce the amplitude from one-half to one-third by moving an 8.5-ton weight supported by multiple layers of rubber dampers in a direction that cancels the shaking of the tower. ..

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[Wishes Wonderland] Please note that the lighting ceremony cannot be viewed from Domtoren. * From a few minutes before the lighting ceremony to lighting, Amsterdam is wide ...

Facility information
LocationTower City
Time required5 minutes
Price■ 5th floor observatory: passport target ■ 4th floor premium sky lounge: Premium Passport target

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