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Palace Huis Ten Bosch

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Harbor Town
Harbor Town K-20
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Faithfully recreation Dutch palace

Huis Ten Bosch cultural symbol of the "Palace Huis Ten Bosch". The exterior of the palace, built in the Hague Forest in the 17th century and now home to King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, has been faithfully recreation with the special permission of the Dutch royal family.

For example, the crown that shines on the top dome is the same shape and size as the Dutch palace, 1 meter 70 cm high and 90 cm wide. It was created by Ronbout, a copper decoration company with a history of more than 150 years in the Netherlands. Inside the museum, you can see a board with the names of the Dutch companies that contributed to the presentation of the crown.

What's So Fun?!
"Phantom Garden" revived in Huis Ten Bosch

Behind the palace is a vast Dutch Baroque garden that is full of European sculptural beauty.
This garden was designed by French landscape architect Daniel Mallow for a Dutch palace in the 18th century, but was never realized. It was revived by Huis Ten Bosch based on the preserved drawings.
Based on Greek mythology, the beautifully arranged temple-style colonnades, fountains, sculptures, and decorative flower beds further enhance the palace.

Facility information
NamePalace Huis Ten Bosch
LocationHarbor Town
Time requiredHalf an hour
PriceEligible to Passport Holders
■バンクシー展 7月22日より 金/土/8月7日/11日/14日/21日は18:30最終入館19:00閉館(通常17:30最終入館18:00閉館)

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