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Enjoy the pretty view of the HTB cityscape from the cruise.

Canal Cruiser

Eligible to Passport Holders
Rainy day OK
Available for pregnant women
Wheelchair accessible
Convenient for vehicles and movement
Welcome area
Tower City
Welcome area
Eligible to Passport Holders
Opening hours

Enjoy the pretty view of the HTB cityscape from the cruise.

A 6km long canal in the Huis Ten Bosch The classical canal ship that operates the canal is Canal Cruiser. The countryside and cityscape from the ship have a special taste, and you can get an overview of Huis Ten Bosch

[Normal operation] Welcome departure until sunset * After sunset, "Light & Fountain Canal cruise" operation

You can board and disembark at the Wellcome Gate (immigration) and Tower City (tower and restaurant town) stations. (Approximately every 15 minutes)
■ Fee
Passport target

Canal Cruiser time required
Welcome ⇒ Tower City (about 12 minutes)
Tower City ⇒ Welcome (about 10 minutes)

[Customers staying at Hotel Europe
From the Wellcome Gate (entry), Hotel Europe (To) Cruiser" and Tower City (the city of towers and restaurants), we will drop you off at the boarding area inside Hotel Europe
* Huis Ten Bosch admission fee is required.

○ We will guide you from Canal Station Welcome to Hotel Europe

■ From Wellcome Gate (entry) (check-in only)
15:00, 15:30, 16:00, 16:30, 17:00, 17:30
■ From Hotel Europe (checkout only)
9:00, 9:23, 9:45, * 10:00, 10:23, 10:45, 11:23, 11:45
* Huis Ten Bosch will operate from 10:00 on the opening day at 10:00.
On the 9 o'clock opening day, 10:00 flights will not operate.
In addition, due to the circumstances of events in the canal, the operating time and boarding / alighting pier may change.

[Light & Fountain Canal welcome departure flights of up to guidance of cruise] after sunset - closed down (light parade held of time temporary suspended service Yes in)
The canal is lit up with rainbow colors from the water, and the light and fountain show to the music begins as soon as the ship passes! (Approximately every 15 minutes)

■ About Canal Cruiser
* Total length: 14.6m
* Overall width: 4.0m
* Gross register tonnes: 13.0t
* Speed :Approx. 3 knots
* Boarding capacity: 51 people
* Features: Both exterior and interior have a profound and luxurious finish inspired by medieval Europe. The hull form is also excellent in stability, and in order to operate in a narrow canal, a number of ingenuity has been devised, such as the adoption of twin screws.

* Charter is not open on New Year's Eve, Golden Week, and Huis Ten Bosch
* Charter business is from 9:00 to 17:00.

Facility information
Name of facilityCanal Cruiser
LocationWelcome area
Opening hours
FeeEligible to Passport Holders
平日30分 土日20分
※平日最終便 ウェルカム 18:30 タワー 18:45
※土日最終便 ウェルカム 18:45 タワー 18:45