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Variety of bicycles, single ride to 4 seat ride!

Rental Cycle Fiets entry store

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Rainy day OK
Convenient for vehicles and movement
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Welcome area
Welcome area A-4
<Bicycle> Adult 1-seater 500 yen ~ <Stroller> 1,000 yen Premium Passport can be used for a 2-time limited 1-seater bicycle at the immigration store (until 17:00).

Bicycles that are popular with couples and parents

In Harbor Town, where the welcome area and port town are located, there is a Rental Cycle Shop "Fiets" (bicycle in Dutch).
We have various types of bicycles that you can choose according to your purpose, such as one-seater bicycles, two-seater bicycles that can be used as a pair, and four-seater bicycles that can be enjoyed by the whole family.
All models have a key, so you can park your bicycle safely at the bicycle parking lot in the park even while you are in the facility.
Please wear a poncho or raincoat when it rains.
You can also rent a stroller here.

News & Events
[Period] April 01, 2022-September 30, 2022

Information on using a bicycle

guests are applicable to the following consideration of the safety and hygiene, such as guests of bicycle use You withhold. ○ Drinking alcohol ...

[Period] April 01, 2022-September 30, 2022

About using the guest-only plan

When using the guest-only plan, please prepare something that can prove your stay (room key, accommodation reservation screen, etc.). Also, over ...

What's So Fun?!
Great deals on hotel guest Privilege

We offer two special rate plans for guests staying at hotels (Hotel Europe, Hotel Amsterdam, Forest Villa, Watermark Hotel, Weird Hotels).
① All-day plan 10: 00-17: 00 1 car ¥ 2,000 Children 1 car 1 car ¥ 1,500 (Please note that even if you make a reservation online, if you do not come to the store by 13:00, it will be canceled automatically. For safety reasons, please refrain from using bicycles that do not fit in size, using two-seater bicycles for parents and children only for adults, and for children over elementary school age (weight restrictions apply to each model). increase.
(2) Overnight plan 17: 30-next day 10:00 ¥ 1,500 / unit Child 1-seater ¥ 1,000 (The deadline for reception is 18:00. Return is from 9:00 to 10:00 the next morning. Limited. The next day's admission ticket is required to use it.)
* Reservations can be made online by 17:00 the day before. We do not accept advance reservations for guests staying at strange hotels, so the reception will be accepted when you come to the immigration store (the reception deadline is until 18:00).
* Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis as the number of units is limited.
In addition, if there is a vacancy due to cancellation etc. on the day, we may inform you on the spot.
* Applicable models are only "two-wheeled vehicle type" such as one-seater and two-seater parent and child. 4-seater and horizontal 2-seater are not eligible.
* The above plan will not be sold as the dates of large-scale fireworks festivals such as the Kyushu Fireworks Festival and the countdown are subject to vehicle regulations.
* From the viewpoint of accident prevention, we do not allow children under elementary school age to rent a bicycle or use it after 18:00 only for minors under 18 years old.
* Annual passport discounts and birthday discounts are not applicable.
<Handling store>
◆ For guests staying at Hotel Europe, Hotel Amsterdam, Forest Villa, Watermark Hotel ・ ・ ・ Fitz Minatomachi (Harbor Town)
◆ Weird hotel guests ・ ・ ・ Fitz immigration store (welcome area)

Rental Cycle x Zipangu Detectives

A popular puzzle-solving game that you can enjoy in Huis Ten Bosch! Zipangu Detectives.
It takes time and energy to find the mystery studded in the park.
So let's solve a smart mystery using a Rental Cycle!!
You can challenge yourself by presenting your passport or annual membership card!

It is very convenient to use the Rental Cycle to move to find the points you care about in the park !!
If you receive the Zipangu problem at the Fiets Minatomachi store and find the answer, go to the teddy bear castle in the welcome area !!
For more information, please ask the staff of Fiets Minatomachi store.

Facility information
NameRental Cycle Fiets entry store
LocationWelcome area near the welcome bus stop * Return to the rented store
Time required<Business suspension standard> All models will be canceled at a wind speed of 10m.
Price<Bicycle> Adult 1-seater 500 yen ~ <Stroller> 1,000 yen Premium Passport can be used for a 2-time limited 1-seater bicycle at the immigration store (until 17:00).
Remarks* For non-single-seater bicycles, please lend and drive to adults who are 18 years of age or older and who have presented the Huis Ten Bosch admission ticket (adult).
* Online reservations are limited to guests of 4 hotels (Hotel Europe, Hotel Amsterdam, Forest Villa, Watermark Hotel). If you are staying at a strange hotel, you will be accepted when you come to the Fitz Immigration Store.
* Please refrain from using bicycles if you are pregnant, drinking alcohol, or traveling with pets.
* For safety reasons, infants under 1 year and 6 months are not allowed to ride in a child seat, so please use your own lock-type carrying strap.
* There is a limit to the number of 4-seater bicycles that can be rented after sunset. (5 immigration stores, 3 Minatomachi stores, rental time of bicycles with lights varies depending on the season)
* Please return it to the rental store.
* At the time of bicycle rental reception, we will confirm the admission ticket for the number of passengers on the day.
* Please refrain from extending the time after lending.
* Please refrain from wearing swimwear in the summer for safety and health reasons.

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