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Vehicles / Others
Numbered ticket distribution target
Eligible to Passport Holders
Small kids can also enjoy
Available for pregnant women
Convenient for vehicles and movement
Enjoy nature
Enjoy with the family
Enjoy with 3 generations
Enjoy with friends
Enjoy with your partner
Attraction Town
Welcome area A-4
Eligible to Passport Holders

Ride a gondola to explore the cities of Europe


季節の花々やヨーロッパの街並みを眺めながら、 のどかな時間を過ごしてみませんか。

■タワーシティ発 12:05、12:45、13:25、14:05、14:45、15:25、16:05、16:45
■ウェルカム 発 12:20、13:00、13:40、14:20、15:00、15:40、16:20、17:00

Facility information
Locationウェルカムエリア ゴンドラ乗り場
Time required
PricesEligible to Passport Holders
Remarks* If it rains or a wind speed exceeds 10 m / s, the flight will be suspended.
* Due to maintenance, the service may be suspended without notice.
* 11: 45-16: 50 Numbered tickets are issued locally.
* Since the capacity is limited, ticketing will end as soon as the seats are full.

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