What's Mariera?

On a cruise that forgets everyday life,
  Have a moment you will never forget.

While feeling exotic,
Take a leisurely walk on the water in the calm sea.

With the European cityscape in the background, set sail for the calm Omura Bay called "Koto no Umi".
Please spend an elegant time while looking at the Saikai Bridge, which is famous for its whirling tides, and the calm water surface that sinks.

You will be filled with delicious food
prepared by the hotel chef.

The charm of Mariela is the dinner buffet that the hotel chef is proud of.
Please enjoy a variety of dishes using fresh seafood from Nagasaki and carefully selected ingredients.

The fireworks you see with your loved ones in the special seats and the cruises you can enjoy during the seasons are exceptional.

Why don't you enjoy a limited cruise on the day of the fireworks with your loved ones in the special seats on the sea?
We also plan seasonal cruises such as the Great Harvest Festival and Christmas.

The dreamlike journey never ends.
Enjoy an extraordinary experience after your cruise.

After returning from the cruise, the city is lit up and becomes a "kingdom of light" with seasonal illuminations.
Staying at an on-site hotel will continue your extraordinary experience until late at night and the next day.

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