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Huis Ten Bosch Co., Ltd. Safety Policy

As a passenger operator, we are committed to fulfilling our social mission.
■ Safety of human life at sea (prevents falling water and promptly rescues)
■ Safe operation of ships (Aiming for zero accidents by strengthening daily inspections)
■ Environmental protection (Marine debris is willing to be collected.)
Is defined as the basic policy.

To complete this basic policy, we
■ Strict adherence to relevant laws and regulations
■ Respect for safety management regulations based on the Marine Transportation Act
■ Thorough principle of safety priority
■ Continuous improvement of safety management system
The entire company will work as one

Plan for facilitating movement, etc. (PDF)

January 1, 2020

Reiwa 6 Important Safety Measures

■ Ensuring passenger guidance safety when boarding and disembarking
■ We will carry out pre-departure inspections and end-of-work inspections, report minor abnormalities, fill in the record book, and share them.
* In order to strengthen information sharing, we will promote whether you can fill in the whiteboard and see it.

■ Each person submits a case of a hiyari hat, and a study meeting is held regularly by the safety supervisor, flight manager, captain, crew, and guide.
■ Joint training for all vessels and regular implementation of safety education
■ Pay attention to your health for daily safe operation and prevent neglect of safety.
■ Thorough alcohol check. (Confirmed by 2 or more people)

January 1, 2020
Huis Ten Bosch Co., Ltd.