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Spectacular Lantern Night Show

A graceful show with lanterns soaring high above the European cityscape and canals. This year, the story has been completely renewed, with spectacular projection mapping and a musical-like development, and the finale will take your breath away with countless lights and fireworks. An even more captivating view will unfold before your eyes.

*In the event of rain, the performance will be changed.

Location H-2 Tower City Tower City Terrace
Date 7月22日~31日
Time required About 15 minutes

July 3rd and 4th Pre-event
7/5 First day

H-2 Tower City

Tower City Terrace

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date Holding time
July 22nd (Monday) 20:00 ~
July 23rd (Tue) 20:00 ~
July 24th (Wednesday) 20:00 ~
July 25th (Thursday) 20:00 ~
July 26th (Friday) 20:00 ~
July 27th (Saturday) 20:00 ~
July 28th (Sun) 20:00 ~
July 29th (Monday) 20:00 ~
July 30th (Tue) 20:00 ~
July 31 (Wed) 20:00 ~