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【Important Notices】
Beware of Instagram "spoofing fake accounts"

Multiple Huis Ten Bosch official impersonation accounts have been confirmed on Instagram.


The official account of Huis Ten Bosch is "huistenbosch_official".
Click here for the official Instagram of Huis Ten Bosch


A spoofed account uses our company's brand name, logo, etc. without permission, sends follow requests or direct messages, and leads to a page where you can enter personal information such as your name and credit card. If you receive a suspicious direct message, please do not Access the listed URL, delete the direct message itself, and block the impersonating account to prevent damage.


[Spoofed account example]
huistenbosch._official→with "."
huistenbosch_0fficial → "o" in "official" is the number "0"
huistenbossch_official → Many "s"
* In the future, other than the fake account names posted, there is a possibility that accounts that are very similar to our company will occur.


[If you have entered your credit card number]
Please contact your credit card company as soon as possible and let them know that you have given your card number to an account impersonating you.
Please check about suspension of use of credit cards, reissuance, guarantees, etc.
The credit card company will conduct an investigation, but there may be charges that you do not recognize, so be sure to check your billing statement as well.


Please be careful.

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