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Cafe & bar
Cafe & bar where you may enjoy seasonal illuminations and it is famous for its glowing cocktails

Light Cafe & Bar

Art Garden
Seasonal menu
Bar & Lounge
Outdoor & terrace available
The view from the window is good
~2,000 yen
Art Garden E-7
Alcohol 700 yen-1,000 yen, soft drinks 550 yen, snacks 500 yen-

Cafe & bar where you can enjoy soft drinks and glowing cocktails while watching the illuminations

Art Garden (flower and green area) where you can enjoy colorful illuminations
You can enjoy various ways according to the season and mood, such as "shining counter", "relaxing table seats", and "open terrace seats".
During the ""Kingdom of Lights"", you can enjoy a panoramic view of the illuminations while relaxing.

What's Good?
Overlooking the spectacular view of light at night.

At night, the garden turns into a magnificent view of light. Enjoy a moment of conversation with the popular "shining cocktail" while watching the illuminations from the glass-enclosed store.

Facility information
NameLight Cafe & Bar
LocationArt Garden
Park holiday
PriceAlcohol 700 yen-1,000 yen, soft drinks 550 yen, snacks 500 yen-
RemarksOpening Times may change or the store may be closed without notice due to weather or other reasons.

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