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Amsterdam Garden Restaurant & Cafe

Enjoy gourmet food with live music and shows performed right in front of the restautant.
During the day, you can enjoy gourmet dishes  under the blue sky and you can enjoy resort night viewing illuminated park with your favorite dishes. 

Fair & Event

Expansion of free seating at Amsterdam Square

[Period] June 3, 2024 -

The table seating area in front of the Amsterdam Square stage has been provided as a dining area for guests who have purchased tickets at the garden restaurant in the square, but from Monday, June 3rd onwards, it will be changed to unreserved seating.
In order to allow as many people as possible to use the aircraft, we ask that you refrain from reserving seats with your baggage, just as you would with other seats.

Name Amsterdam Garden Restaurant & Cafe
Location G-14 Amsterdam City

G-14 Amsterdam City

date Opening hours intermediate close Remarks
July 18th (Thursday)
July 19th (Friday)
July 20th (Saturday)
July 21st (Sun)
July 22nd (Monday)
July 23rd (Tue)
July 24th (Wednesday)
July 25th (Thursday)
July 26th (Friday)
July 27th (Saturday)
July 28th (Sun)
July 29th (Monday)
July 30th (Tue)
July 31 (Wed)