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Europe's top brand COSTA COFFEE and sweets made with seasonal fruits are popular among visitors.  Lunch menu and alcoholic beverages are also available. On sunny days, you can enjoy the park view by sitting in a terrace seat alongside canal and spend vacation time.   There are also a wide selection of takeout menus.

Location B-1 Flower Road
Budget ~2,000 yen


Green curry (single item)

1,500 yen


500 yen

Seasonal frappe [limited supply]

1,500 yen

Parisienne [Limited supply]

1,000 yen

B-1 Flower Road

date Opening hours intermediate close Remarks
Thursday, April 25th 11:00 ~ 20:30
Friday, April 26th 11:00 ~ 20:30
Saturday, April 27th 11:00 ~ 21:00
Sunday, April 28th 11:00 ~ 21:00
Monday, April 29th 11:00 ~ 21:00
Tuesday, April 30th 11:00 ~ 21:00
May 1st (Wed)
May 2nd (Thu)
May 3rd (Fri)
May 4th (Saturday)
May 5th (Sun)
May 6th (Monday)
May 7th (Tue)
May 8th (Wed)
May 9th (Thu)
May 10th (Friday)
May 11th (Saturday)
May 12th (Sun)
May 13th (Monday)
May 14th (Tue)
May 15th (Wed)
May 16th (Thu)
May 17th (Friday)
May 18th (Saturday)
May 19th (Sun)
May 20th (Monday)
May 21st (Tue)
May 22 (Wed)
May 23rd (Thu)
May 24th (Friday)
May 25th (Saturday)
May 26th (Sun)
May 27th (Monday)
May 28th (Tue)
May 29th (Wed)
May 30th (Thu)
May 31 (Fri)