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Sasebo Burger
Popular sausages, Sasebo burgers, various beers

Sasebo Burger Certified Shop Sausage Waag

Attraction Town
Sasebo Burger
Local specialty
Local production for local consumption gourmet
Outdoor & terrace available
~2,000 yen
Attraction Town D-9

A shop where you can enjoy authentic sausages at Sasebo Burger

The popular "sausage" as a souvenir of Huis Ten Bosch
You can enjoy Sasebo burgers and sausages in the spacious and bright store.

Fair & Event

Burning burger full of cheese-Nagasaki Wagyu double-

Double putty using Japanese beef on a hot iron plate is full of volume! Sprinkle honey mustard sauce if you like and enjoy a different taste ...

What's Good?
Discerning burger made by the restaurant

It has been loved as a sausage restaurant for many years, but Sasebo Burger has appeared with the same commitment of the restaurant.
An original sauce filled with Nagasaki Wagyu beef patties and chef's ideas in buns baked at the bakery in the hall.
Furthermore, we provide "fun" and "security" first in the open kitchen.

In addition, the beer selection is the best in the restaurant.
Whether it's a "sausage" or a "burger," you'll find the perfect beer.

We look forward to your visit.

Facility information
NameSasebo Burger Certified Shop Sausage Waag
LocationAttraction Town
Park holiday

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