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Cheese dishes
Cheese fondue specialty store

Cheese Waag (2F)

Attraction Town
World gourmet
Local specialty
Seasonal menu
Children's menu available
Attraction Town D-11
1,400 yen ~ (one pair)

If you want to eat cheese fondue, this is definitely recommended!

Modeled after the cheese weighing station in Hoorn, the Netherlands, the hotel has a milk culture theme and has a cheese Shop with natural cheese and cheesecake on the first floor.
At the restaurant on the 2nd floor where you can enjoy authentic cheese fondue, other menus using dairy products such as cheese are also popular.

Fair & Event
[Period] July 09, 2022-September 09, 2022


希少な対馬地鶏をスモークし、にんにくたっぷりのペペロンチーノと合わせました。 暑い夏には、ピリ辛なスタミナメニューで乗...

What's Good?
Cheese fondue from 2,000 yen

[2F restaurant]
Authentic cheese fondue recreation with authentic recipe
We have 3 types of fondue with different ingredients.
Wharf fondue 2,000 yen per person
Meat fondue 2,500 yen per person
Special fondue ¥ 2,850 per person
* Orders are accepted from 2 people.

Facility information
NameCheese Waag (2F)
LocationAttraction Town Cheese Waag (2nd floor restaurant)
Park holiday8月10日~8月17日
Price1,400 yen ~ (one pair)

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