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Korean cuisine
Korean home-cooked restaurant

Chegoya Huis Ten Bosch Branch

Tower City
World gourmet
Table service
~ 3,000 yen
Tower City H-2

Authentic Korean home cooking

You can enjoy the taste of authentic Korean omoni (mother).

Famous entertainers and famous cultural figures. It is the best Korean restaurant that famous charismatic chefs have said, "Spicy but delicious!" And "Spicy but gentle taste!"

We recommend the hearty pork meat wrapped in vegetables, the thick and chewy stir-fried pork, the healthy and popular sundubu jjigae, and the warm soup that warms you from the core of your body. Such as noodles.
Many people of all ages, genders and nationalities are pleased with these.

All the staff are waiting with a smile, aiming to provide dishes that guests

Facility information
NameChegoya Huis Ten Bosch Branch
LocationTower City
Park holiday

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