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Turkish rice
Nagasaki Western Style Restaurant


Tower City
Western food
Local specialty
Children's menu available
Outdoor & terrace available
Tower City H-2
From 1200 yen

A Western restaurant unique to Nagasaki where you can enjoy the nostalgic taste

A Western restaurant with a focus on "Turkish rice" born in Nagasaki.
The slightly nostalgic menu is gaining popularity from children to the elderly.
Eat Turkish rice with plenty of volume and ingredients that everyone loves !!!

What's Good?
Our most popular mixed Turkish rice !! ¥ 1600

Our most popular menu is this mixed Turkish rice!
A plate filled with omelet rice with thick eggs, handmade hamburger steak, napolitan cream croquette, and a menu that everyone loves.
Did you know that there are two theories about the name "Turkish rice"?

(1) Tricolor theory: The three types of cutlet, saffron rice, and napolitan are expressed as "tricolor," which means three colors in French.
Tricolor turned into "Turkey".

(2) Turkish Republic theory: Saffron-colored rice refers to India and Napolitan refers to Italy.
It was named after the Republic of Turkey, which is a mixture of Eastern and Western cultures.

There are two such theories, but it is still unknown which one is true ...
The origin is a mysterious Turkish rice, but it has plenty of volume! The taste is also outstanding!
Please come to the store ♪

Facility information
LocationTower City Tower City 1st floor
Park holiday7月1日
PriceFrom 1200 yen

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