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Sasebo's specialty lemon steak with rice

1,500 yen

A refreshing taste.

Angus beef wild juicy cut steak 200g with rice

1,450 yen

It has a wild and heavy taste and volume.

Sirloin pepper steak with rice

1,450 yen

A popular steak for pepper lunch.

100% beef hamburger steak 200g with rice

1,450 yen

A luxurious hamburger steak made from 100% of our proud beef.

100% grated beef hamburger 150g with rice

1,000 yen

Enjoy with a refreshing grated ponzu sauce!

100% beef hamburger steak with rice

1,000 yen

Please enjoy with a special onion sauce.

Beef pepper rice with plenty of meat

(M) ¥1,100 (L) ¥1,200
Full volume! Pepper rice that lets you fully enjoy the taste of meat.

Beef pepper rice

(M) ¥900 (L) ¥1,000
Familiar! Our prized pepper rice will satisfy both your stomach and your heart!

Bacon cheese pepper rice

(M) ¥950 (L) ¥1,050
The taste of bacon and the flavor of cheese. Pepper rice popular with women.

Chicken nuggets (5)

550 yen

To accompany beer!

Daily salad

300 yen

It depends on the day.

Fried egg

100 yen


100 yen

Grated ponzu

100 yen


・ Cheese 100 yen
・ W cheese 200 yen

drink bar

・Drink separately 400 yen
・Drink bar 550 yen

draft beer

Glass 650 yen
Jug 800 yen

With exciting combo rice


A luxurious combination of 75g hamburger steak and 75g cut steak.

Exciting W with rice


Satisfied menu of hamburger 150g cut steak 150g.

Exciting middle rice with rice


Hamburger 150g Cut steak 75g

Children's lunch with 1 drink

800 yen

Juice, hamburger steak, potatoes ... This is a menu that children will love.