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Sasebo Burger
Sasebo Burger Certified Shop

Bikken Bikken

Harbor Town
World gourmet
Sasebo Burger
Local specialty
Local production for local consumption gourmet
Outdoor & terrace available
Harbor Town I-5
Burger 700 yen ~ Potato 300 yen Soft serve 400 yen ~

Sasebo burger with plenty of food

Sasebo burger with "juicy putty" + "fresh vegetables" + "special buns".
The size is easy to eat, but the volume is perfect! Takeout is also OK.
There is also a great set for school trip students !! Try it once.

Fair & Event
[Period] May 07, 2022-July 08, 2022

[Limited time offer] Bouquet cream soda

500 yen each (tax included) An edible flower is topped on the ice cream to create an image of a cute bouquet! Under the ice cream ...

Let's go to Jurassic Island with a voluminous burger!

From the burger Shop" Bikken Bikken Harbor Town, a set that is perfect for adventures is now available! ¥ 1,000 (tax included) (Bi ...

Facility information
NameBikken Bikken
LocationHarbor Town Within the Harbor Town area
Park holiday誠に申し訳ございませんが、
PriceBurger 700 yen ~ Potato 300 yen Soft serve 400 yen ~

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