HUIS TEN BOSCH Visitor guide

Rules and manners


  • For hygiene reasons, we ask that you refrain from bringing in lunch boxes, drinks, and alcoholic beverages. There is a picnic area near the welcome gate (entry), so please use that.
    The staff may refuse admission if you are found to bring it in.
  • Radios, dangerous goods (knives, scissors, etc.), items that may guests, and vehicles (including bicycles, kickboards, skateboards, roller skates, etc.) are prohibited.
    • We may check your baggage. (Please check the immigration information for restricted items.)
    • When using roller shoes, please store the roller part.
    • Handheld microphones can be brought in by group tour conductors. However, please refrain from using it in the venue if it causes inconvenience to guests
  • Huis Ten Bosch has separated smoke so that all guests can spend their time safely and comfortably. Please smoke in a place with an ashtray. Please refrain from smoking while walking. (If you have a portable ashtray, please use the smoking space.) Also, smoking by minors is prohibited by law. We may check your age.
  • Depending on the event and facility, some changes or cancellations may be made due to the season, weather and other circumstances. Please note.
  • The use of amusement facilities may be restricted for safety reasons.
  • Some museum facilities are closed due to exhibition changes.
  • For safety reasons, we may ask you to refrain from using Attractions that have been drunk.
  • Drinking alcohol for minors and those who drive a car is prohibited by law. We may ask you to confirm when you place an order. Also, if you use the rental cycle, Wonder Wheel, electric cart, Sky Castle, Shooting Star Huis Ten Bosch, you cannot use it after drinking alcohol. (If it is used for drinking, it will be stopped immediately and no refund will be given.)
  • It is possible to shoot as much as you can enjoy yourself.
    • Please refrain from shooting and public transmission that may cause inconvenience to other guests
    • Shooting may be restricted depending on the facility or location.
    • Please be considerate of guests when using shooting aids such as tripods and self-sticks.
    • Photography in wedding costumes is prohibited anywhere in Huis Ten Bosch
  • We do not allow the use of photographs, videos, etc. taken in the venue for commercial purposes. Prior permission is required for commercial photography.
  • There are terms of use for each Attractions (Please ask the staff or refer to the website for terms and conditions of use.)
    • Attractions on the production such as mobile phones and camera shooting in, other guests please refrain from available is because there are times when the inconvenience is applied to. In the unlikely event that you do not cooperate with the request of the staff, you may be asked to leave the facility.
    • Attractions production, the lighting inside the attraction may be dark, so please be careful about your feet.
    • Attractions do not allow food or drink to be brought into the attraction.
  • We may refuse to wear costumes, overexpose your skin, or wear special clothing without prior permission.
  • Huis Ten Bosch Co., Ltd. and its affiliated companies are not responsible for accidents caused by guests
  • guests may refuse admission to customers and staff who may cause inconvenience. In addition, you may be asked to leave.
  • When using amusement museum facilities, shows, restaurants, Shop, buses, ships, etc., we do not allow other guests to be inconvenienced (dangerous acts, interruptions, merging into lines). I will. Please line up guests, which is acting as a group, with all the visitors.
  • Please note that we do not accept on-site broadcasts.
  • Depending on the event and facility, some changes or cancellations may be made due to the season, weather and other circumstances. Please note.
  • It recreation the streets of Europe and is paved with cobblestones and bricks. Please note that there are steps in the hall.
  • If you take a place with luggage or leisure seats at a show, etc., or if you leave it unattended, we may handle it here.
  • guests personal belongings, such as your baggage and valuables guests please management by yourself. (Be especially careful when using a stroller or rental cycle.)
  • Assistance dogs can be accompanied at all facilities and stores.
  • Of Pets guests are, you signed the pledge at the time of admission, if it is violated there is a thing that get sent off. We are not responsible for any troubles with guests (Some pets cannot be admitted and some pets cannot be kept. Please contact us for details.)
  • If you have any questions, please contact the General Information Navi Dial.
    (TEL: 0570-064-110)



  • 荷物、貴重品は自己管理をお願い致します。紛失、盗難などの一切の責任は負いかねますのでご了承ください。
  • 入国及び出国の際は、製作物(小道具等)とお面(被り物等)は、露出/着用せずにお荷物としてお持ちください。
  • 視界の確保ができないお面、1人で安全に移動することのできない衣装での移動はご遠慮ください。
  • 製作物はご本人様と同程度の大きさであり、1人で扱える範囲の規模でお楽しみください。
  • 製作物の破損や事故など一切責任は負いかねます。
  • Carry products that appear to be dangerous goods (firearms and cutlery) without exposing them except for shooting.
  • ホテル及びショップ、一部の施設は入館できません。運河船やバス、タクシーは利用可能です。※1
  • アトラクション体験時には、安全上の理由から衣装の一部や装飾品の脱衣をお願いする場合があります。
  • スタッフ及び警察官、消防士、医師などの実在する職業の衣装、ブライダル衣装はお断りしております。※2
  • Please refrain from wearing cosplay and bridal costumes near the wedding venue time wedding ceremony.
  • Costumes that are offensive to public order and morals, such as extremely exposed, and costumes that violate public obscenity are not permitted.
  • Bringing in items that may disturb guests, such as radios, dangerous goods, and vehicles (including kickboards, etc.), is prohibited.


  • 撮影された写真や動画の公開、発表についてハウステンボスは一切の責任を負いかねます。
  • 企業や組織、個人の利益や販促、営業、取材を目的とする写真、動画の撮影は事前の確認と許可が必要です。
  • ハウステンボスが背景と認識される写真や動画の取引で金銭が発生する場合は、弊社への撮影料金が発生します。
  • Please refrain from taking pictures in a state where other guests are reflected or in a state where Huis Ten Bosch
  • It may appear in the photos of guests Huis Ten Bosch cannot handle this.
  • 一定の場所に対して、大人数または長時間の占拠や、大掛かりな機材を使用しての撮影は他のお客様にご配慮ください。
  • プチスタジオ以外での三脚等の撮影補助機材の使用は、原則1グループにつき1台まで床に置いて使用可能です。
  • Images taken in the hall and the state of the day may be used without permission in Huis Ten Bosch Please note.


  • 園内への飲食物の持ち込みはできません。また、喫煙は指定の場所でのみ可能となっております。
  • 公共の施設、トイレ、コインロッカーでのお着替えやメイクはご遠慮いただき、更衣室をご利用ください。
  • ロープやフェンス、看板などで立入が禁止されている場所、一般的に立ち入れない場所には入らないでください。
  • If the facility is soiled (blood glue, etc.), damaged guests, the parties will be held responsible.
  • 園内は貸切ではございません。迷惑行為全般は禁止させていただきます。ご退場をいただく場合もございます。
  • 一般のお客様からの迷惑行為も想定されます。自己の防衛に気を付け、近くのスタッフへご相談ください。
  • お子様連れでコスプレ参加される場合は、お子様から目を離さないようにご注意ください。
  • その他、皆様がお楽しみいただくために、スタッフの指示に従うよう、お願いいたします。
  • *1入店ができないレストラン「デ アドミラル」「吉翠亭」「戎座」「アンカーズラウンジ」「トロティネ」「ア クールベール」「シェヘラザード」「オークラウンジ」。ホテルはご宿泊のお客様のみご利用いただけます。ホテル内の客室以外での撮影はお控えください。
  • *1イベント日によっては許可される場合があります。本来の使用方法ではなく、あくまでコスプレの撮影の範囲内でご利用ください。

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