HUIS TEN BOSCH Visitor guide

Guests with Additional Needs with disabilities

Wheelchair rental

Wheelchairs are available at the Immigration Information Center and Central Information Center. Please make a wheelchair reservation by 17:00 the day before.

  • * The number is limited.

Reservation destination

Huis Ten Bosch Accommodation Navi Dial


  • * Press ① when connected to the navigation dial.

Electric cart rental

Electric cart rental is also available. It is easy to operate and you can enjoy Huis Ten Bosch
Please make a reservation for the electric cart by 17:00 the day before.


  • (With 1 day) 2,100 yen
  • * A separate "security deposit" of 1,000 yen will be accepted.

Reservation destination

Huis Ten Bosch Accommodation Navi Dial


  • * Press ① when connected to the navigation dial.
Name of facility Location time
Immigration Information Center Welcome gate (immigration) 30 minutes before opening to closing
  • * The number of units (2 units) is limited.
  • * Available in more than 18-year-old long time difficult to walk guests in, who understand that the pledge guests let me limited to.
  • * Not available in rainy weather.
  • * Rental is not available when fireworks are held.

Public telephone

Wheelchair-accessible payphones are available at the Wellcome Gate (immigration).

Wheelchair / ostomate restroom

Wheelchair-accessible restrooms are located inside and outside the venue. Of these, 3 cots are installed. In addition, there are two ostomate-friendly restrooms in the venue.

Area name Location
Welcome gate (immigration) Welcome gate (immigration)
Next to Canal Cruiser platform
Next to Schiphol entrance
Schiphol exit diagonally in front
Next to the parking lot management center
Attraction Town Cheese Waag * 120 x 60 cm size bed installed * Ostomate compatible
Super Trick Art * 120 x 60 cm size bed installed
Art Garden Next to the circle * Compatible with ostomate
Amsterdam City The Castle of Wine next to ※ 150 × 60cm size bed in
Tower City Behind Champon "Gokuu"
Next to Canal Cruiser platform
Harbor Town Next to the Hananoya
Harbor Town In front of the bus stop
Palace Huis Ten Bosch Palace Huis Ten Bosch

Facilities with wheelchair-accessible elevators

Elevators are installed at the following facilities. Please tell the staff.


  • Teddy Bear Kingdom: Welcome Gate (Immigration)
  • Super Trick Art: Attraction Town
  • Glass Museum: Amsterdam City
  • Palace Huis Ten Bosch: Palace Huis Ten Bosch

Restrictions on the use of on-site facilities

If you are using a wheelchair, please contact the staff when using the following.

A facility where you can enjoy everything in a wheelchair

Name of facility Contents of usage restrictions
Teddy Bear Kingdom Please use the elevator.
Zipangu Detectives
Horizon Adventure Plus
Everyone's dinosaur
Super Trick Art Please use the elevator to the 2nd floor.
Glass Museum Please use the elevator to go upstairs.
Depending on the size of the wheelchair, it may not be available.
Domtoren Observatory
Porcelain Museum
Game Museum
Canal Cruiser You can board up to 4 cars per ship.
Park Bus (bus in the hall)

Facilities with some restrictions for safety

Area name Contents of usage restrictions
Carousel Please consult with the staff.
Healing lounge You will experience it in a wheelchair space near the entrance.
There is no sofa, so you can listen to music through headphones while in a wheelchair.

Wheelchair-accessible vehicle (bus with slope board)

The Park Bus that runs inside the venue and the hotel bus that runs between immigration and the hotel are equipped with slope boards at the entrance and exit.

Discount system for people with disabilities

Discounted rates for people with disabilities

You can check the disability discount rate on the ticket search page.

  1. Please post the disability certificate.
  2. guests with severe disabilities (class 1 or class A certified in the "Handicapped Person's Handbook") will receive the same discount (1 person per person with severe disabilities).
  3. If the number of people who are cared for (accompanied) exceeds 10, a group discount will be applied.
    (Excluding tickets for which no group discount is set.)
  4. Accommodation in these hotels guests in the case of a ticket of admission from the night Official Hotels does not offer the purchase of re-admission passport.
    (Henn Na Hotel Huis Ten Bosch, Watermark Hotel Nagasaki / Huis Ten Bosch, Hotel Okura Jr Huis Ten Bosch, Hotel Nikko Huis Ten Bosch)
  5. When purchasing senior tickets for each type of ticket, please also present an ID card (license, health insurance card, etc.) that can confirm your age.
  6. On December 31st, the admission fee system will differ depending on the date of the Countdown

About visiting in a group

If you are visiting as a group, please submit the following documents when making a reservation.

  1. Exemption application form (please enter the name of the organization, contact information of the representative, date and time of admission, number of people admitted)
  2. Attendee list (please enter the address, name, date of birth, degree of disability, and number of caregivers)

Please be assured that Huis Ten Bosch offers a variety of services to ensure that even physically handicapped customers can spend their time comfortably.

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