Only one hotel in the theme park

You can spend time like living at Huis Ten Bosch
Only one hotel in the hall

It's only a 1-minute walk to Amsterdam Square, where the hottest projection mapping and gorgeous masked dance parties take place. It is located almost in the center of the venue and has a good location with easy access.


Monopolize the European cityscape in the morning Morning stroll

The next morning after waking up, you will be surrounded by the morning light. 
The streets of Europe are yours.

You can enjoy the cityscape of Huis Ten Bosch in the early morning, because it is the only hotel in the venue.
Flowers and greenery sparkling in the morning dew, the calm sea surrounded by the morning light, etc.
You can monopolize the special scenery.


Club floor & Room

A special hospitality space on the top floor

The top floor of the hotel is a special floor for special guests.
In the club lounge that can only be used by those who stayed here.
Please enjoy the finest hospitality and space.


Room size Rooms

All rooms are over 45㎡
Fully equipped with women-friendly facilities such as a powder room

The spacious rooms are suitable for families and groups.
Separate bathroom and toilet. In addition, there is an environment that makes women happy, such as the ability of four people to use the mirror at the same time.


4 beds Four Bed

● All beds are made by Simmons. 3 beds in one room is also acceptable. You all can put your make up at the same time!

Comfortable group stay
Memories of a wonderful trip

Hotel Amsterdam is popular for girls' trips.
We will offer a comfortable stay space even for 4 people.


アニバーサリー Anniversary



You can only get it by staying here
Various Privilege and more

It takes about 1 hour from Nagasaki Airport by a private free shuttle car. 
Smooth to the hotel.

"Hotel Europe, Hotel Amsterdam, exclusive free shuttle car" that connects Nagasaki Airport and the hotel in about an hour. 
Guests staying at Hotel Amsterdam can use this private shuttle for free.

* Advance reservation required

* Not available to guests staying in the Superior Room.

Parking lot for hotel guests only

We have a free parking lot for hotel guests near the welcome gate (entry). (Present your parking ticket at the hotel front desk for free.)
If the car is full, we may guide you to a parking lot near you. Please note.

Baggage delivery service



Souvenir delivery service


* Please note that traffic may be restricted on the day of the large event to ensure the safety of the venue, and there may be time when it cannot be used.

Services for children



* The number of rental items is limited. Please note that if it is already renting out.

Rental goods

We have prepared various rental goods for you to spend more comfortably during your stay.
・ Pillow (soba husk, memory foam, cool stone, danropiro, etc.)
・ Humidifier, dehumidifier, air purifier
・ Opera glasses, etc.

* Please contact us when you apply for a reservation. Please contact the room clerk on the day of your stay.

* The number of rental items is limited. Please note that if it is already renting out.

Rental Cycle

Rental Cycle exclusively for hotel guests. We offer regular courses and overnight courses.

* Bicycles for 2 people and children are also available.

■ Rental place
Harbor Town / Fiets Minatomachi Store


■ Fee
○ Paid

* Varies depending on the model and usage time

* The number is limited. Please note that if you are already renting out.

Free Wi-Fi