Accommodation agreement


Scope of application

Article 1

Accommodation contracts and related contracts concluded by the hotel with guests shall be governed by the provisions of this agreement, and matters not stipulated in this agreement shall be governed by laws and ordinances or generally established customs. ..

Applying for an accommodation contract

Article 2

Those who wish to apply for an accommodation contract with the hotel are requested to inform the hotel of the following matters.

Establishment of accommodation contract, etc.

Article 3

The accommodation contract shall be concluded when the hotel accepts the application set forth in the preceding article. However, this does not apply when the hotel proves that it has not consented.

Special contract that does not require payment of application fee

Article 4

Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph 2 of the preceding Article, the Hotel may accept a special contract that does not require payment of the application fee set forth in the same paragraph after the conclusion of the contract.

Refusal to conclude an accommodation contract

Article 5

The hotel may not accept the conclusion of an accommodation contract in the following cases.

Right to cancel the contract of the guest

Article 6

The guest can cancel the accommodation contract by notifying the hotel.

Right to cancel the contract of our hotel

Article 7

The hotel may cancel the accommodation contract in the following cases.

Accommodation registration

Article 8

Guests are required to register the following items at the front desk of the hotel on the day of stay.

Room usage time

Article 9

Guests can use the hotel's room time is, and from 3:00 pm until the next day 11 am. However, if you stay consecutively, you can use it all day except the arrival date and departure date.

Strict adherence to usage rules

Article 10

Guests are required to comply with the usage rules established by the hotel and posted in the hotel.

Opening hours

Article 11

Opening Times of the main facilities of the hotel will be announced in the pamphlets provided, notices in various places, guidebooks in the guest rooms, etc.

Payment of fees

Article 12

The breakdown and calculation method of accommodation charges, etc. payable by the guest are as listed in Attached Table 1.

Our responsibility

Article 13

The hotel will compensate the guest for damages in the performance of the accommodation contract and related contracts, or in the event of damage to the guest due to non-performance thereof. However, this does not apply if it is not due to reasons attributable to the hotel.

Handling when the contracted guest room cannot be provided

Article 14

If the hotel cannot provide the guest with the contracted room, the hotel shall, with the consent of the guest, arrange other accommodations under the same conditions as much as possible.

Handling of deposits, etc.

Article 15

The hotel will be exempt from compensation for any damages such as loss or damage to the goods, cash and valuables deposited by the guest at the front desk, if it is force majeure.

Storage of guest baggage or personal belongings

Article 16

If the guest's baggage arrives at the hotel prior to the stay, it will be responsibly stored only if the hotel consents before the arrival and will be handed to the guest when checking in at the front desk. I will.

Responsibility for parking

Article 17

If the guest uses the designated parking lot of the hotel and related facilities, the hotel will rent the place and take responsibility for the vehicle regardless of the deposit of the vehicle key. It's not a thing. However, in managing the parking lot, we will be liable for any damages caused by our intention or negligence.

Guest's responsibility

Article 18

If the Hotel suffers damage due to the intention or negligence of the Guest, the Guest will be required to compensate the Hotel for the damage.

Handling of personal information at the time of accommodation registration

Article 19

The hotel will use the personal information registered in Article 8 for the following purposes after taking protective measures.

Guests who do not wish to use the hotel for the above purposes shall cancel it by requesting the hotel to cancel it.

Disclosure, correction, deletion of personal information

Article 20

Guests can request the hotel to disclose personal information about themselves. When disclosing personal information, please request by mail to the following address.

7-7 Huis Ten Bosch Town, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Huis Ten Bosch Co., Ltd.
Huis Ten Bosch Hotels

* When requesting disclosure, etc., we may verify your identity in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law.

Huis Ten Bosch admission tickets

Article 21

The hotel is located on the grounds of Huis Ten Bosch. To enter the Huis Ten Bosch pay zone, you will need to purchase admission tickets separately.

Appendix 1: Calculation method for accommodation charges, etc.
(Relationship between Article 2, Paragraph 1 and Article 12, Paragraph 1)

● Amount payable by the guest

hotel fee
  • (1) Accommodation fee (room fee)
  • (2) Service charge [(1) x 10%]
Food and drink charges
  • (3) Food and drink or additional food and drink
  • (4) Service charge [(3) x 10%]
  • (5) Telephone / Telegram
  • (6) Laundry fee
  • (7) Massage and other charges associated with accommodation

Appendix 2: Penalty
(Relationship to Article 6, Paragraph 2)


1-9 people Non-night
On the day
The day before
2 days ago
3-7 days ago
8-14 days ago

● Group

10-99 people Non-night
On the day
The day before
2-7 days ago
8-14 days ago
15-20 days ago
100-999 people Non-night
On the day
The day before
2-7 days ago
8-14 days ago
15-20 days ago