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[Japanese Cuisine Kissuitei]
Information on souvenirs

We have prepared souvenirs that you can enjoy the taste of Japanese Cuisine "Kissuitei"

Karasumi-jako (100g) 1,200 yen

A delicious dish using homemade Karasumi.

Japanese pepper and small sardines (100g) 1,200 yen

A spicy and spicy dish of Japanese pepper that has been carefully cooked.

Mentaiko (one belly) 1,500 yen

Matsumae mentaiko made with secret kelp goes great with alcohol or rice.

*Sold in stores.
*Only take-out is available.
*Numbers are limited. We apologize if the item is sold out.

■Sales time
7:00-19:00 (We are closed on Mondays and Wednesdays, so items can be picked up until 16:00.)
■ Reservations and inquiries
Japanese Cuisine "Kissuitei" at Hotel Europe