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HUIS TEN BOSCH Visitor guide

For those with children

About stroller rental

We rent strollers (recommended for 3 to 36 months after birth) for a fee.


  • 1,000 yen (membership fee 800 yen)
  • * One-time charge, valid for hotel guests during their stay

Rental place

Name Location Time
Rental Cycle Fiets Immigration store: Welcome area
Minatomachi store: Harbor Town
Opening ~ 18: 00
Welcome gate Welcome area time before opening to closing
Central Information Center Amsterdam City 開園〜閉園
  • * The number is limited. In addition, we do not accept stroller reservations. Please note.
  • * Please return it to the return location provided at the time of rental. The dark blue stroller can only be used in the park.

Baby cot rental

Baby cots (cots) can be rented at Official hotel.
(Free / Reservation required)
The size is a size that can be used by children up to about 1 year old.

  • * The number is limited, so please check when making a reservation.

Restaurant with children's menu


  • Tottotto: Tower City
  • DE RODE LEEUW: Tower City
  • Gokuu: Tower City
  • Sausage Waag: Attraction Town
  • Hananoya: Harbor Town
  • Kissuitei: Harbor Town

Breastfeeding room


  • Immigration Information Center: Welcome Gate (Immigration)
  • In front Adventure Park Gate: Adventure Park
  • In front of Chocolate House: Attraction Town
  • Dinosaur Land 1st floor: Attraction Town
  • Central Information Center: Amsterdam City
  • Next to Harbor Town Bus Stop: Harbor Town
  • * If you need hot water to make milk, please feel free to ask the staff nearby.

Private room type nursing box "mamaro 2"

We have a completely private baby care room "mamaro 2" that supports baby care such as breastfeeding, changing diapers, and baby food. It is large enough to hold a stroller and is equipped with a convenient outlet for use with milking machines. In addition, since the internal key can be locked, a private space can be secured.

  • * Not only women but also men can use it.
Location Welcome Area, Fantasia City of Light, Amsterdam City, Tower City

A place where you can change diapers

We have 15 multipurpose restrooms inside and outside the venue, diaper changing sheets, and 18 public toilets for women inside and outside the venue, with beds dedicated to changing diapers.

  • * Men can also use the multipurpose restroom. Also, put a stroller together.
  • * Please dispose of disposable diapers in the trash can in the toilet where the crib is installed.

When your child gets lost

If your child gets lost, please contact the nearest staff immediately. Lost children are protected at the Information Center
If you are separated from junior high school students or older, please use the message service at the Information Center
Information Center the "Immigration Information Center (Welcome Gate)" and the "Central Information Center (Amsterdam City)".

Lost child contact card that allows you to enter your name, age, and emergency contact information

Information Center rents out a "lost child contact card".
Please return the case to the Immigration Information Center, Central Information Center, or the staff of Farewell Gate (departure) "Schiphol

When your child feels sick

We have set up a "rest room" in the Immigration Information Center.
In addition, nurses are stationed in the "First Aid" in Amsterdam City. (10: 00-21: 00)

Convenient Shop for people with children

Paper diapers

  • BEST 3 (outside): Welcome Gate (entry)
  • Vondel: Attraction Town
  • Souvenir: Amsterdam City
  • Sea Breeze: Harbor Town
  • Cocokara Fine: Harbor Town
  • * Depending on the stock status, we may not have the stock or the desired size. Please note.

Baby clothes/Children's clothes

  • Nijntje: Amsterdam City
  • Couto: Amsterdam City
  • Sea Breeze: Harbor Town
  • * Depending on the stock status, we may not have the stock or the desired size. Please note.
  • * Some other stores also handle some of them.

Recommended for small children


  • Fantasy Forest: Attraction Town
  • Dinosaur Land: Attraction Town
  • Count Chocolat's Mansion: Attraction Town
  • Sky Carousel: Attraction Town
  • * Children under the age of 4 must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • * Some Huis Ten Bosch amusement facilities are not available to children under the age of four. Please note.