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There is something for every collector of Stuffed Bear!​ ​​ ​

Huis Ten Bosch to bears for a limited time, and bears from famous manufacturers
It is the only teddy bear specialty store in the venue that has a large selection of items from stuffed animals to small items.
You will surely find your favorite

News & Events
[Period] December 05, 2021 ~

"Kingdom of Lights" Bear 2021 KOHAKU / MASHIRO / RURI

The fluffy texture and exquisite size that you want to hold for a long time are irresistible! The bear's wings on the back and the charm on the neck are the points ♪ ...

[Local Bear] Huis Ten Bosch Limited Tulip & Castella Bear

The popular local bear and Huis Ten Bosch have finally collaborated ☆ Huis Ten Bosch Bosch is cute because it's a tulip!

What's Good?
Assortment of over 1,000 types

Huis Ten Bosch original and our limited edition bears, key chains, sweets and towels.
Find your favorite bear and take it home.
In addition, we also handle Japanese-made bears that are particular about materials, and luxury brand bears from Steiff in Germany and Marysort in the United Kingdom.

Rainbow flower bear

Tulips in full bloom and flowers on Flower Road,
Looking up, a magnificent windmill in the deep blue sky ...

Imagine the scene of Huis Ten Bosch
A cute bear with 7 colors was born (・ (d) ・)

A classic souvenir that can only be obtained at Huis Ten Bosch


"Berryman Bear", the origin of the birth of teddy bears This "Berryman Bear" loved by teddy bear fans all over the world has landed for the first time in Japan !!
Appeared in collaboration with Huis Ten Bosch
The charming points are the big eyes and the characteristic fluffy coat!

Berryman Bear who was nervous when everyone stared at me
"Pop" and cheeks turn pink (,, ・ (d) ・ ,,)

Please come and see the teddy bear Shop
© ︎Berryman Bear Japan

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