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Happy Chury Series

Happy Chury will bring happiness to everyone ♪
Huis Ten Bosch original character, Chury-chan, is a popular item from Couto.

Product reference
Hair rubber ¥ 300 (tax included)
Patter Memo ¥ 350 (tax included)
Drawing book ¥ 400 (tax included)
Clear file ¥ 300 (tax included)
Folding ruler ¥ 350 (tax included)
Set of 5 pencils ¥ 500 (tax included)
Set of 2 erasers ¥ 350 (tax included)
Glue stick ¥ 300 (tax included)
Flake sticker ¥ 350 (tax included)

New release! Fairy Chury ♪

Huis Ten Bosch 's idol, Chury, appears as a fairy!
The point is the feathers on the back and the fluffy feel.
The clothes are also new ♪

Fairy Chury ¥ 1,700 (tax included)

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