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"PEANUTS x THE KISS" collaboration jewelry 3rd

■ PN-SR508DM / PN-SR509DM

Pairing with Snoopy's footprints on a cross motif ring.
A diamond with the meaning of "eternity" is set in the center.
The point is the engraving of Snoopy and Woodstock hidden inside the ring.

Material: Silver 925 (PG coating, rhodium coating), diamond
Price: ¥ 12,000 + tax each

■ PN-SR510CB / PN-SR511CB

A cute design where Snoopy walks on the surface of the ring.
For ladies, a ring with a yellow gold coating is set with a red-colored stone that resembles a Snoopy collar.
For men, the point is the yellow-colored stones that are inspired by wood stock.

Material: Silver 925 (YG coating), cubic zirconia
Price: Ladies ¥ 10,000 + tax, Men's ¥ 9,000 + tax

■ PN-SN513PSP / PN-SN514SP

A pair necklace from the "Duet" series that reveals a heart when the two are combined.
The point is the swaying wood stock charm.
Snoopy drawn to stare at each plate motif, bright pink sapphire, and blue sapphire are cute designs.

Material: 925 silver, pink sapphire, blue sapphire
Price: ¥ 12,000 + tax each

■ PN-SN515DM / PN-SN516DM

A simple bar-type top is set with diamonds that mean "forever" and colored stones that are pink for ladies and blue for men.
Snoopy is a cute design looking up at the glittering appearance.

Material: 925 silver, diamond, cubic zirconia
Price: ¥ 12,000 + tax each

■ PN-SN517CB

A cute design with Snoopy and Woodstock snuggling up.
It seems that just wearing it will make you smile while smiling happily.
Cute finish with heart motif and pink colored stones.

Material: Silver 925 (PG coating), cubic zirconia
Price: ¥ 11,000 + tax

■ PN-SN518CB

A lovely necklace with Snoopy staring at the glittering stones in the dog bowl.
The pink gold coating gives a feminine and mature impression.

Material: Silver 925 (PG coating), cubic zirconia
Price: ¥ 10,000 + tax

THE KISS sweets

■ SPD1417CB / SPD1418CB

A horseshoe motif necklace that is a symbol of good luck.
It is said that the U-shape accepts happiness, and it is also popular as a talisman.
The three stones attached in the motif express how happiness accumulates. In the center, a stone that keeps swaying shines due to a special setting, and it is a simple yet gorgeous design.

Material: Silver 925 (rhodium coating, PG coating), cubic zirconia
Price: ¥ 15,000 + tax each

■ K-N1400WG

A ladies necklace with a beautiful drop motif with flowing lines.
The side is also patterned, and the design is beautiful even when viewed from the side.
In the center, diamonds that keep swaying sparkle due to a special setting, and the transparent brilliance of white topaz arranged along the motif is an elegant jewelry.

Material: K10WG, diamonds, white topaz
Price: ¥ 33,000 + tax

■ K-N1401YG

Women's necklace with a diamond motif.
The modern design that suits casual styles is attractive.
In the center, a diamond that keeps swaying shines due to a special setting, creating a feminine and gorgeous chest.

Material: K10YG, diamond
Price: ¥ 30,000 + tax

■ K-N1402PG

Open heart ladies necklace.
White topaz with a clear shine is arranged, and we are particular about the rounded silhouette.
In the center, a diamond that keeps swaying sparkles due to a special setting, giving femininity and gorgeousness.

Material: K10PG, diamonds, white topaz
Price: ¥ 33,000 + tax

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