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Dutch folk crafts, Clog painting workshop

Holland House

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Dutch folk crafts, clog painting experience

Dutch folk craft shop

A store specializing in Dutch folk crafts. If you're looking for Huis Ten Bosch souvenirs, don't miss it. You will want to imitate the display that makes good use of the wooden shoes displayed in the store. In addition to decorating, there are things that you can actually wear, and the "clog painting experience" is also a popular menu for families. (Former Holland House)
We also have a large selection of "moz", "Lisa Larson" and "Peter Rabbit" goods.

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Original miniature house painting experience

Miniature house painting experience You can now paint on a miniature house shaped like our building !! ・ Price 2,2 ...

What's Good?
Magic mini clogs & clogs you can wear

This is our recommended product.
All clogs are imported directly from the Netherlands and can only be purchased at the Holland House
There is a magic in each color
Yellow ... smarter
Black ... There are various spells on various colors such as leading to success.

Our clogs are available in sizes from 6 cm to 28 cm.
You can decorate it or wear it. Please buy our limited wooden shoes !!

Our limited experience Clog painting experience

It is a painting experience of the popular wooden shoes in our shop.
You can draw pictures on the clogs, color them, and so on ... You can create your own original clogs ♪
Some of them are practical, such as a piggy bank type.

Huis Ten Bosch, why not make your own clogs with our clog painting experience?

10cm wooden shoes 1400 yen Piggy bank 1700 yen (paint price is also included.)

Easy coloring even for those who are not good at drawing

We also have a coloring book type wooden shoe piggy bank that even people who are not good at drawing can write with confidence.
Since the sketch is included, it is easy to just paint the color as it is.
It is also recommended for small children.

Coloring clogs 2000 yen (paint price is included.)

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NameHolland House
LocationAmsterdam City
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