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Traditional Castella born in 1624.

Castella Honke Fukusaya

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Connect the time, connect the heart

Since our establishment in the first year of Kanei (1624), we have been making castella for a long time to this day.
Castella was once born as one of the encounters between eastern and western cultures.
We have kept the old handmade law unchanged.
While always returning to the starting point of our founding with the aim of respecting the old and creating the new, we have listened to the voices of the times and connected the time with the support of ingenuity.
We will continue to deliver genuine tastes that connect the hearts with the heart.

■ Products handled
Castella small piece 0.6 / 1,188 yen
Castella small piece No. 1 / 1,890 yen
Dutch cake small piece No. 0.6 / 1,188 yen
Fukusaya Cube / 270 yen
Special Gosanyaki Castella / 2,916 yen
8 pieces during handmade / 810 yen

* All listed prices include tax.

What's Good?

Skilled craftsmen keep the traditional old law
Castella from Fukusaya, which is baked with great care.
HTB store limited products are also popular.

Facility information
NameCastella Honke Fukusaya
LocationWelcome area Welcome gate In front of the entrance to the Welcome Gate shopping mall
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